The A to Z of BIKINI WAXING In India

Lets talk about it!

Laying down naked for a beauty service in front of a total stranger beautician, and revealing our intimate part is the last thing we Indian women would think of doing. In India when our culture is still not open to the idea of removing the hair from the “down under” or to simply put it as the concept of bikini waxing, and talking about it is still the "hush hush" here. Conversation and knowledge regarding the same may still seem like a taboo.


But with increasing need for health concerns and hygiene purposes and the concept of just for self care, bikini waxing is surely a thing to talk about. And if you are a beginner or in two minds about it.

Read on because here I'm going to take you through the A to Z of bikini waxing.


But before you read on, leave all your inhibitions regarding bikini wax aside, and read it with an open mind.

What is Bikini/Brazilian/Hollywood Wax?

Bikini waxing is the removal of pubic hair using a special wax, the wax is applied on the pubic hair (usually hot). Once the wax hardens, it is then covered with small strips of cloth and is pulled out quickly from the skin, thus removing the hair from its roots.

With a lot of different names coming up for bikini wax, There are different types of bikini waxes to choose from, depending on how much you want to rip the hair off, though the names are as similar and may seem confusing, its better you describe the parts from which you want the hair to be ripped off, and even better if you say the occasion, the beautician will be better able to guide you to which one to opt for as per your need.

 You can choose from:

  • Regular bikini wax - hair removed along the panty line (and a little off the top)

  • Full bikini wax - more hair taken in from the sides as well as the top of the panty line

  • French bikini wax - all hair removed from front, except small strip

  • Brazilian bikini wax - all hair is removed from front & back, though you can opt to leave a small strip.

Kinds of wax used - wax can be hot or cold and usually brazilian wax is preferred.


But there are a lot of flavours to choose from -

  • Aloe vera - Has a very strong cooling effect, making the pain just a little bit more bearable.

  • Chocolate (Brown and White) - Apart from smelling sensational and aphrodisiac like  chocolate is also great to remove all dead skin.

  • Rica (to prevent longer time for the hair from growing)

  • One can choose from a variety of options

Your Choice, Your Way:

The choice of getting bikini wax done differs from person to person. Some may do it for personal grooming, some for aesthetics or just for fashion, some for religion,and some do it for hygiene purposes.

Getting Yourself Prepared:

But before you take the first step and decide to go for that wax - it's important and a good idea that you prepare yourself mentally and physically for it.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind -

  • Be clean, make sure you have washed your intimate area with hot water and soap

  • Exfoliate the area to make sure that dead skin cells the work is done neatly and completely as it allows the hair to get uprooted easily

  • Avoid waxing during the period as the skin is usually sensitive 5 days prior and after the period

  • In extreme situations, if you think your body is very sensitive, you can pop a painkiller an hour before your appointment time.

Things To Do:

Also while you get it done, here are a few tips you can follow -

  • Keep your mind off the thought of waxing, chit chat with your beautician, tell her about your preference.

  • Make sure you go to a good grade salon that uses high quality wax for the service.

  • Make sure your hair is grown to a minimum length before you book an appointment, as too short won't let the hair be grabbed in the strip and it wont come off and too long will make your experience painful (for which the beautician can trim the length off)


Salon Nayana Prices for Bikini Waxes are below 

Bikini line   ₹500/- 

Full bikini  ₹1300/- 
Brazilian   ₹2000/-

Hollywood ₹2000/-

All our beauticians are female.

And to tell you the truth, to go by what most of the beauticians feel after they have served their client is that the inhibition one holds about the pain is kind of exaggerated and though most of the customers are skeptical at first but after the session that super soft & clean feeling is worth it.

Whichever the wax or service you choose you can be 100% sure after the service it will leave you feeling, silky smooth, a little bit extra sexy and confident, exceptionally clean and perhaps even be a wonderful gift for your partner,

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Unfortunately, we at Salon Nayana DO NOT DO Bikini Waxing for Men!
Sorry Guys, on this one we are here for the ladies only!

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