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We offer Free Hair Consultations!
Right in the heart of Bangalore

So You'll Know Exactly How Good You Will Look.

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A hair consulation will save your hair and your money so you get exactly what you want and the way you want it 

Know the Look, Grow To Love It, and Only Then Commit to It

Now, the way we work at Salon Nayana is a little different! For us, as passionate hairdressers who love our craft, there is no joy or meaning in seeing you walk out our doors with a fresh haircut or hairstyle, if it doesn't have the desired effect on you. 

And what's this effect?  Well, the look needs to suit your face type, hair type, length, and the like, for it to be spectacular. And, even if it looks amazing, if it is just not you, then you probably won't be happy. Or perhaps it doesn't suit you, it is just not you, and you are unhappy too. That would be a total disaster!

At Salon Nayana, to make sure we craft customized styles and haircuts that suit each individual, we first offer a consultation. This serves two purposes. It gives us an opportunity to show you how a particular style or cut will look on you and it allows us to connect with you on a deeper level and build a professional friendship.

These two elements are key to how we work at Salon Nayana and contribute to our continued success and to happy customers who'd never consider another salon! 

And during the free consultation, we will actually show you how a particular hair service looks on you, whether it involves colour testing on a strand of hair or a particular area, a demo haircut, or temporarily styling your hair. 


Our Free Consultation is at the heart of our personalized haircutting and styling approach. So reach out to us, and we'd love to meet and speak with you in person, so we can give you the full experience of our expert consultation, totally free!

And you know what? Coming in for a free hair consultation with us, doesn't mean you have to get one of our hair services. Not at all! There's no obligation to purchase our services or anything.

We just want you to have a better idea about what look will suit you the best, so together we can craft something that is totally you and you can be confident in selecting a particular haircut or style in the future.  

Free Hair Consultation - Guide

Our hairdressing specialists create an environment that is relaxed, just perfect to explore what look will work on you best! 

While our much-loved, expert consultations are a fun-filled experience allowing you to discover your authentic beauty, there is a process to it. We've included some of the key elements of our hair consultation below. 

  • Face type analysis

  • Hair type check

  • Length/style compatibility

  • Previous chemical treatments including colouring, straightening, etc.

  • Personality and haircut, hairstyle, colouring service match

  • Expert suggestions on most suitable haircut or hairstyle based on above discovery.

  • Actual display of how the hair service will look, whether it involves colour testing on a strand, shaping of hair style, or demo haircut.

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A hair consulation will save your hair and your money so you get exactly what you want and the way you want it 

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