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Free Hair Consultation

At Salon Nayana, we approach hairdressing a little differently! As passionate hairdressers who love our craft, our goal isn't just to see you walk out with a fresh haircut or hairstyle. We want to ensure that the look has the desired effect on you, making you feel confident and happy.

The perfect haircut or hairstyle should suit your face type, hair type, length, and personal style. It should look amazing and feel authentically you. A style that doesn’t fit your personality or appearance would be a total disaster!


Our Unique Approach To craft customised styles and haircuts that suit each individual, we begin with a free consultation.


This serves two key purposes

Personalised Styling Advice

We show you how a particular style or cut will look on you, considering your unique features.

Building a Professional Friendship

We connect with you on a deeper level, understanding your preferences and needs to build a lasting relationship.


These elements are crucial to our success and contribute to the loyalty of our happy customers who wouldn’t consider another salon.

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No Obligation, Just Great Advice


Our Free Consultation is at the heart of our personalized haircutting and styling approach. Coming in for a consultation doesn’t mean you have to get one of our hair services.

There’s no obligation to purchase anything. We just want you to have a better idea of what look will suit you best, so together, we can craft something that is truly you.

Key Elements of Our Hair Consultation

Face Type Analysis

Understanding your face shape is crucial to determining the most flattering haircut and style. Whether you have an oval, round, square, or heart-shaped face, we tailor our recommendations to highlight your best features.

Hair Type Check

We assess your hair type, including its texture, thickness, and natural behavior. This helps us suggest styles and treatments that will work well with your hair, ensuring it remains healthy and manageable.

Length/Style Compatibility

Not every hairstyle suits every hair length. We evaluate the compatibility of different styles with your current hair length and discuss potential options if you're considering growing it out or cutting it short.

Previous Chemical Treatments

Your hair’s history matters! We take into account any previous chemical treatments like coloring, straightening, or perming to ensure the new style complements your hair’s current condition and health.

Personality and Haircut Match

Your personality should shine through your hairstyle. We discuss your lifestyle, preferences, and personal style to recommend cuts and colors that align with who you are.


Expert Suggestions
Based on our findings, we provide expert suggestions on the most suitable haircut, hairstyle, and color for you. Our goal is to enhance your natural beauty while ensuring you feel comfortable and confident with your new look.

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Visiting us for a free consultation doesn’t obligate you to get one of our hair services. Our main aim is to give you a better understanding of what look will suit you best. 

Visit us at Salon Nayana, Brigade Road, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore, or call us at +91 80 4150 7253 to schedule your free consultation today! 

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