Is straightening necessary, good, and ‘kind’ to my hair?

What’s the history of hair straightening?


Straightening of hair to give it a smooth, streamlined, and sleek look while improving one’s overall appearance, has been a common practice since the times of ancient Egypt, and more recently from at least the 1950s onwards.


Commonly referred to as ‘rebonding’ in our part of the world, straightening took off in a big way with the use of modern flat irons at home.


However, due to the high humidity levels during certain months in cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore, hair tends to curl up and doesn’t hold shape for long even when a hair straightening iron is used.


This presented a problem for the Indian with curly and wavy hair, and even a significant number of males, who wished to have the straightened hair look on a more permanent basis. 


Is there an alternative to using a hair iron at home?


To counter premature curling up of hair and frizz, salons started to offer relaxers or chemical straightening options where the structure of the hair follicle itself is changed.


This ensures that the straightened effect lasts from approximately 10 months up to a year. While this is desirable, many have come to consider the adverse effects of chemical straightening including hair damage and breakage over time.  

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What are the types of Straightening 



A hair smoothing treatment is a hair straightening process that smoothens the hair and removes curls and frizz. The chemicals used are kinder to the hair and not harsh.  

These treatments include Keratine and Protein Treatment. 

Lasts Approximately 3 to 6 months


Relaxing Treatment


A relaxing treatment chemical process to relax the naturally curly hair to last a few months. This treatment will relax and straighten the hair.  

Lasts Approximately 4 to 6 months


Rebonding Treatment 

A rebonding treatment is a chemical treatment that straighten curly or wavy hair is to a steady straight look. Easy wash and wear management is recommended The hair is straightened permanently.

They will not curl back. It’s only the  new hair that will start to grow in its natural form


What we believe at Salon Nayana


At Salon Nayana, what we believe is that if the process is carried out by professionals while using top hair products, then straightening of hair will not negatively impact one’s health or appearance. The texture of the hair and its look affects the overall beauty of the person and, therefore, straight hair presents a practical option to improve one’s appearance. Plus, its ease of maintenance makes it a popular choice among many females and males in our part of the world. 


Key considerations when straightening hair


At Salon Nayana, what we advocate is the use of straightening depending on personal suitability. Consider factors such as age, appearance, and health condition when assessing whether straightening is for you. For e.g., for an older lady with a thinner face, soft and wavy hair may achieve a more suitable look. 


Secondly, it is important to assess the degree of straightening your hair requires. From partial straightening, i.e. smoothening of the top curls, to full and soft straightening, numerous options are available. So do some careful research and decide on what will suit you best, while perhaps considering the advice of salon professionals. Also, current fashion and hair trends can be looked at when deciding. For e.g., the latest trend involves maintaining soft, natural waves. 


Maintenance after straightening and other tips


After straightening your hair, you should expect regrowth in several months. This will affect the look considerably and require that the straightening be redone. This needs to be done carefully, as body heat can react with the product and possibly lead to breakage of hair. It is important, therefore, to carry out any and all straightening only with professionals at a reputed salon while using the best products available. 


At Salon Nayana, we encourage you to study your look and your preferred hairstyle for a period of time, and then opt to straighten your hair while considering the opinion of hair and beauty experts. Have fun and be the best version of yourself!

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Hair Straightening and Chemical Treatment Prices


Smoothening/Rebonding - Starting From ₹7000

Do you often fantasize sporting long locks that are smooth and luscious? Get your Smoothening treatment from our Experts and you'll experience how hydrated hair shafts and unbroken hair cuticles naturally lead to great-looking overall hair. 

Keratin Treatment - Starting From ₹10000

Keratin is still a buzzword in hair care and the salon craft because of its magical effects! If you're looking to cut down on blow-drying and straightening on a regular basis and still want super smooth and shiny hair, then come check out our keratin treatments. The results are unbelievable!

Permanent Curls And Waves - ₹7000

We're specialists at it! Come celebrate your curly or wavy hair with us, because we're all about it. Why opt for straight hair when you can go for some beautiful curls? Speak with us for our range of specialized curly and wavy hair services including perms.


Hair Extension Services - Starting From ₹15000

Hair extensions are perfect to change up your look stylishly! They come in many colors, textures, styles and lengths to match all hair types. Extensions are a super fun way to fully transform your hair and look. Imagine, just a few highlights or flashes of colour can give you a change of look, whether it is subtle or dramatic. Come discover which looks best on you!