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Get Smooth, Frizz-Free Hair with Our Keratin Treatment

Only ₹4999 Flat Rate at Salon Nayana in Bangalore!

Do you ever feel a gentle sigh escape your lips as you gaze at your hair in the mirror each morning, wondering how to calm its frizzy, playful nature?

And in the lively, yet often humid atmosphere of Bangalore, does it seem challenging to keep your hair radiating its natural health and shine?

We understand that your days in Bangalore are filled with responsibilities and vibrant life moments. We know that precious time spent on extensive hair styling might not be what you wish for in your busy schedule.

Here's a thought to ponder: our lovingly crafted Keratin Treatment at Salon Nayana. It's more than just a hair treatment; it's a rejuvenating journey for your hair. Imagine transforming your hair into a smooth, shiny cascade of silkiness in just a few hours. Our Keratin Treatment delicately replenishes the protein your hair longs for, leaving it not only looking beautiful but feeling wonderfully manageable

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Our experienced team at Salon Nayana has lovingly styled over 700 hair straightening sessions, including Keratin treatments, each one a story of transformation and joy.

We would be delighted to chat with you, share insights, and help you find the perfect hair solution before you make your salon choice.


It's not just about the service; it's about understanding your unique hair needs and dreams

Flat ₹4999 +GST 

What is Keratin?

Keratin is like the secret melody that gives your hair its strength and shine. This natural protein lives in your hair, singing a tune of vitality. But sometimes, life's little challenges like pollution, heat styling, and chemical adventures can lower its volume, leaving your hair longing for that lost harmony. This is where our Keratin treatment steps in like a nurturing melody, replenishing your hair’s natural rhythm, and transforming it into a smooth, shiny, and joyous dance.

How Our Keratin Treatment Works: A Journey of Transformation

  1. The Prelude - Hair Wash: Our journey begins with a gentle cleansing, washing your hair without conditioner, preparing it for the beautiful transformation ahead.

  2. The Interlude - Drying: We then carefully dry your hair, ensuring every strand is ready to welcome the Keratin's magic.

  3. The Harmony - Keratin Solution: With a tender touch, we apply the Keratin solution, infusing each lock with rejuvenating care.

  4. The Pause-Setting: We allow your hair to embrace the solution, letting it rest and absorb the nourishing benefits for a few hours.

  5. The Crescendo - Blow-Dry: A gentle blow-dry follows, setting the stage for the final act of this transformative symphony.

  6. The Finale - Sealing: With precision and care, we run a flat iron through your hair, sealing in the Keratin, and ensuring your hair’s new melody is set to last.

  7. The Encore - Voila: And there you have it, your hair, now graced with Keratin, is ready to shine, smoother and more manageable than ever.

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We have tested many keratin products over the last decade and we are certain that Calyx is the best keratin product for Indian Hair

Embracing the Beauty of Keratin Treatments: Things to Ponder

If the thought of a Keratin treatment is like a gentle whisper of change for your hair, here are a few tender considerations to cradle in your thoughts:

1. The Essence of Quality

In the heart of every Keratin treatment we offer lies our commitment to quality. With over 700 successful Keratin services and a family of happy returning customers, we at Salon Nayana take pride in the high-quality, long-lasting results we deliver. Each treatment comes with a 6-month guarantee, like a promise of enduring beauty and satisfaction. It's our way of ensuring that your hair doesn't just look and feel great, but carries a part of our care and dedication.

2. The Value of Price

We understand that the investment in your hair is an investment in yourself. While Keratin treatments are a symbol of luxury, we believe in making this luxury accessible. At Salon Nayana, our Keratin treatment is priced at a gentle ₹4999 + GST. We choose only the finest quality products, ensuring each rupee you spend is woven into the lasting health and beauty of your hair.

3. The Gift of Time

A Keratin treatment is a journey, not a race. It's a process that asks for your time, a few hours where you can relax while we transform your hair. We value your time and offer a free consultation to help you understand the process and embrace the experience fully, setting realistic expectations for your transformative journey.

4. The Journey of Aftercare

Like a delicate flower, your hair, after a Keratin treatment, needs gentle care. Avoiding water and styling products for a few days helps the Keratin to bond, like a friendship growing stronger. Using sulfate-free products is like speaking softly to your hair, maintaining the treatment’s effects. Our experienced stylists will be your guides, sharing tips and advice on aftercare, ensuring your Keratin journey continues gracefully long after you leave our salon.

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We give you a 5 month Guarantee on our Keratin Services

Salon Nayana's Keratin Treatment: A Loving Touch for Your Hair in Bangalore

1. A Symphony of High-Quality Treatment

At Salon Nayana, each Keratin Treatment is a melody composed with the finest products. We believe your hair deserves nothing but the best, and our choices reflect this belief. It's not just a treatment; it's a nurturing experience that your hair will thank you for.

2. Our 6-Month Promise of Satisfaction

We carry confidence in the quality of our services, much like a heart full of love. This confidence allows us to offer a unique 6-month guarantee on our Keratin Treatments. If your heart whispers even the slightest dissatisfaction, we welcome you back with open arms for a complimentary redo. Your happiness, after all, is the melody we strive to play.

3. A Farewell to Frizzy Hair

Imagine a day where your hair dances in harmony with your steps, free from the bounds of frizz. Our Keratin Treatment is like a gentle breeze that smooths and softens, making your hair more manageable and reducing your daily styling routine. It's about giving you more moments to cherish other joys of life.

4. Embracing Every Hair Type

Like a loving embrace that knows no bounds, our Keratin Treatment welcomes all hair types. Curly, wavy, or straight – every strand is treated with the same loving care. The result? Hair that sings with shine and gloss, reflecting the beauty of its unique texture.

5. An Affair of Affordable Luxury

Transforming your hair should not be a distant dream. Priced at just ₹6999 +GST, our Keratin Treatment is a testament to our belief that luxury can be both exquisite and accessible. It's an invitation to experience a transformation that is within reach, a journey of beauty that awaits you.

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Embrace the Joy of Self-Care with Salon Nayana's Keratin Treatment

In the bustling rhythm of Bangalore life, where you juggle countless roles with grace, isn't it wonderful to pause and give yourself a moment of care? Our Keratin Treatment at Salon Nayana is a celebration of you – a hard-working, vibrant woman who deserves to feel and look her absolute best.

Imagine a serene morning where your hair flows like a soft, shiny cascade, ready to accompany you through the day with minimal fuss. Our Keratin Treatment promises to transform your hair into a symbol of your inner strength and beauty, all within a few hours and in a way that respects your budget.

The time to nurture yourself is now. We invite you for a complimentary consultation, where our hair experts will lovingly understand your hair's unique story and needs. This isn't just about transforming your hair; it's about empowering you with information and choices.

Bid farewell to the days of battling frizz and unruly hair. Welcome a world where your hair mirrors the softness and shine of your spirit. Let Salon Nayana's Keratin Treatment be your ally in this journey of self-love and transformation.

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