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Get Smooth, Frizz-Free Hair with Our Keratin Treatment

Only ₹4999 Flat Rate at Salon Nayana in Bangalore!

Do you ever feel a gentle sigh escape your lips as you gaze at your hair in the mirror each morning, wondering how to calm its frizzy, playful nature?

And in the lively, yet often humid atmosphere of Bangalore, does it seem challenging to keep your hair radiating its natural health and shine?

We understand that your days in Bangalore are filled with responsibilities and vibrant life moments. We know that precious time spent on extensive hair styling might not be what you wish for in your busy schedule.

Here's a thought to ponder: our lovingly crafted Keratin Treatment at Salon Nayana. It's more than just a hair treatment; it's a rejuvenating journey for your hair. Imagine transforming your hair into a smooth, shiny cascade of silkiness in just a few hours. Our Keratin Treatment delicately replenishes the protein your hair longs for, leaving it not only looking beautiful but feeling wonderfully manageable.

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Our experienced team at Salon Nayana has lovingly styled over 700 hair straightening sessions, including Keratin treatments, each one a story of transformation and joy.


We take pride in creating an environment that’s relaxed and perfect for exploring what look works best for you.

Our Keratin Treatment at a flat rate of ₹4999 +GST.

What is Keratin?

Keratin is like the secret melody that gives your hair its strength and shine. This natural protein lives in your hair, singing a tune of vitality. But sometimes, life's little challenges like pollution, heat styling, and chemical adventures can lower its volume, leaving your hair longing for that lost harmony. This is where our Keratin treatment steps in like a nurturing melody, replenishing your hair’s natural rhythm, and transforming it into a smooth, shiny, and joyous dance.


How Our Keratin Treatment Works

The Prelude - Hair Wash

We begin with a thorough cleansing to remove any impurities from your hair. This sets the stage for the treatment, ensuring your hair is ready to absorb all the nourishing benefits of keratin.

The Interlude - Drying

After the wash, we gently dry your hair to prepare it for the application of the keratin solution. This step ensures that your hair is at the perfect moisture level for optimal treatment absorption.

The Harmony - Keratin Solution

Next, we apply the keratin solution, coating each strand meticulously. This is where the magic happens, as the keratin begins to infuse your hair with strength and shine, restoring its natural vibrancy.

The Pause - Setting

We allow the keratin solution to set in your hair, giving it time to bond with the hair fibers. This crucial step ensures that the treatment penetrates deeply, providing long-lasting results.

The Crescendo - Blow-Dry

Once the keratin has set, we blow-dry your hair to lock in the treatment. This not only helps in sealing the keratin but also starts the process of smoothing out your hair, reducing frizz and adding shine.

The Finale - Sealing

To complete the treatment, we use a flat iron to seal the keratin into your hair. This step is vital for ensuring that the keratin bonds properly, leaving your hair silky smooth and beautifully shiny.

The Encore- Voila!

The final reveal! Your hair is now transformed into a smooth, shiny, and manageable masterpiece. Step out of Salon Nayana feeling like a star, with hair that dances to its own joyful tune.

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Benefits of Our Keratin Treatment

Reduce Frizz

Tame those unruly strands and achieve a sleek, polished look effortlessly.

Enhance Shine

Restore your hair’s natural luster, making it shine with health and vitality.

Improve Manageability

Spend less time styling your hair and more time enjoying your day, as our treatment makes your hair easier to handle.

Strengthen Hair

Rejuvenate your hair with essential proteins, making it stronger and more resilient against daily wear and tear.

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Personalized Care

We invite you to a complimentary consultation with our hair experts. During this session, we’ll take the time to understand your hair’s unique story and needs. This isn’t just about transforming your hair; it’s about empowering you with knowledge and choices. We’ll discuss your hair type, past treatments, and your desired look, ensuring the treatment is perfectly tailored to you.

A Celebration of You

At Salon Nayana, we believe in celebrating the beauty and strength of every woman. Our Keratin Treatment is designed to enhance your natural beauty, giving you the confidence to take on the world. It’s about more than just hair; it’s about self-love and transformation.

Affordable Luxury

Experience luxurious hair care that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and budget. Our Keratin Treatment is available at a flat rate of

₹4999 +GST, offering you premium quality at an affordable price.

Book Your Appointment Today

The time to nurture yourself is now. Bid farewell to the days of battling frizz and unruly hair. Welcome a world where your hair mirrors the softness and shine of your spirit. Let Salon Nayana's Keratin Treatment be your ally in this journey of self-love and transformation.

Visit us at Salon Nayana, Brigade Road, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore, or call us at +91 80 4150 7253 to schedule your Keratin Treatment today. Rediscover the joy of beautiful, manageable hair with Salon Nayana!

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