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Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Is face waxing putting you in two minds?

Still, thinking about trying facial hair waxing?

But few reviews & other people's judgment stopping you?

From threading to shaving, the next stop for facial hair removal is face waxing. Facial hair waxing has created its own fan base. You may hate or love it, but you definitely can't ignore it.

Face waxing

It is a facial hair removal process that removes unwanted facial hair using hot or cold wax. It is one of the easiest, convenient & safest options to choose from.

What does it do?

It removes the hair from the root & makes sure that the growth back is slower, making it a durable option.

Let's break the face wax myths together.

MYTH 1: Hair will grow back thicker

The hair grows back in the same way as your natural hair. Neither thick nor thin, just the way it was. In Fact, with repeated waxing, the unwanted facial hair becomes less noticeable, thinner & sparse.

MYTH 2: It makes the hair grow faster

As the hair is removed from the roots, the hair takes time to grow back. In Fact, it promotes slower hair regrowth. It can last a couple of weeks to a few months, giving you a time of about 2-6 weeks.

MYTH 3: It is painful

No, it doesn't hurt the skin; the effect of waxing is just like the other hair removal techniques. Lesser only if compared. It's just a matter of a second before the wax is stripped off with just one pull.

MYTH 4: It causes an allergic reaction

It depends on your level of skin sensitivity & the product used. Face wax doesn't necessarily mean your skin is open to allergic reactions. The face wax products are made of different ingredients, depending on the person who may be allergic to a particular ingredient, or the beautician must not have performed the service well.

MYTH 5: It leads to skin reddening

There is no connection between waxing & skin turning red. It depends on your sensitivity. This means the skin turns red only if you are sensitive to it. Therefore, to see this, a patch test is recommended.

MYTH 6: It causes scarring, infection, bleeding

It depends on the sensitivity of your skin, the rules you followed before the process & the beautician who is doing the service for you. All three seem to be a rare side effect of facial waxing. But if done well, these things can be avoided.

Other Things to Remember.


Many home kits are available to try on & have a waxing experience at home. But as it deals with face & temperature, my suggestion would be availing this service at the salon with the guidance of the expert. It carries a higher risk of infection, burning the skin & even scarring.


When you are under skin treatments or using chemicals or peels for the skin, it's better to avoid face waxing. The reason is as your face is already sensitive due to these treatments. Therefore, waxing could irritate or cause redness to the skin.


It is convenient, easy & hassle-free.

Leaves you with a smooth, hair-free experience for weeks.

It targets large amounts of hair at once.



It's advised to do a patch test to see if you are not allergic to it.

Schedule it a day before any significant event.


Avoid facial treatments like facials, peels, etc., while opting for face waxing. It makes the skin sensitive & prone to allergy & redness.

Make sure you use clean strips & do not double-dip the spatula into the wax pot to avoid infection & spread of bacteria.


Apply Aloe Vera to calm & soothe the skin.

Avoid scrubbing your face for about three days after the wax session.

Avoid sun exposure & makeup.

And if you are still not quite ready with face waxing yet, we would suggest you try it out with one part of the face, maybe get the eyebrows done or the forehead, see the result for yourself & then decide if you want to include this beauty treatment in your list.

As we said, you can't ignore it.

Still, have doubts? Visit us at Salon Nayana in Brigade Road & get all your doubts cleared.



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