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Best Men's Haircuts in Bangalore at Salon Nayana

Are you feeling frustrated with your hair's daily rebellion? Perhaps it's refusing to cooperate, falling into your eyes, or simply not living up to its style potential, causing more hassle than help. Salon Nayana in Bangalore understands your struggle, and our expert stylists are here to assist you in conquering those haircut challenges with ease. Let us collaborate to find a haircut that not only complements your style but also addresses those bothersome hair woes head-on.

Men Deserve Pampering Too (Even if It's Hush-Hush)

We understand that men deserve to look and feel their best, but traditional salons may not always cater to your specific needs. Not at Salon Nayana, Bangalore. We pride ourselves on providing a relaxed, professional atmosphere where you can unwind while our skilled stylists work their magic. Craving a haircut accompanied by a soothing head massage? Consider it done. How about a beard trim while engaging in a conversation about the latest sports news? We've got you covered.

Expert Stylists, Accessible Rates

Whether you prefer a classic cut, a modern fade, or something in between, our team of experienced stylists is well-equipped to meet your needs. We offer two tiers to suit your budget:

Senior Stylists: Our seasoned professionals boast over 5 years of experience and excel at working with any hair type. Treat yourself to a haircut, wash, and style for just ₹850.

Junior Stylists: Eager to impress and refine their skills, our junior stylists offer the same high-quality services at a budget-friendly price of ₹500.

Because Your Beard Deserves the Royal Treatment Too

We recognize the importance of a well-groomed beard. That's why we provide a range of beard grooming services, including:

Full Shave: Bid farewell to razor burn and welcome a smooth, professional shave for just ₹300. Beard Trimming: Maintain a sharp and stylish beard with an expert trim for ₹450.

Beard Styling: Allow our stylists to help you achieve the perfect beard shape, whether it's a sharp fade, a classic goatee, or a unique style. Ready to Elevate Your Appearance?

Visit Salon Nayana in Bangalore, or give us a call to schedule your appointment today, sir. We're dedicated to helping you look and feel your best, regardless of your hair struggles or style preferences



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