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Four reasons why the Superior man gets a Pedicure.

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

The world is changing continuously. Men are much more concerned about their hygiene and grooming than they must be. The Covid pandemic has made us more health aware and conscious of hygiene. We are mindful of what we touch, eat, and breathe. So let's start. Why do men need pedicures? It is because it is feet and asks any woman they love men with clean feet. There is so much a shower can do to keep your feet clean. Our feet get a lot of pounding, be it with shoes on, walking, running, playing a sport, or even chilling.

Your Socks Will Smell Less

A pedicure gets rid of all the dead skin and dirt from your feet; this means this is less for the bacteria to feed on when you sweat, meaning your socks won't smell as much. We all have been there when we take our shoes off in a room, and you get the stench in the whole room. We all cop a little about the smelly socks/shoes from our wives and girlfriends.

Jokes aside, though, it's probably best to see a doctor if the problem persists.

Reduces Shoe Cuts

We all try to live quite an active life, be it training, running, or playing a sport. A shoe cut on your feet puts a dent in all the plans. It can be minor but annoying. By removing all the dead skin and making the skin smooth, shoe cuts are reduced. They say prevention is better than cure.

Reduces the likelihood of foot disease

Keeping your feet clean helps reduce foot disease and foot fungus. Anyone who has had this before will tell you it's neither pretty nor comfortable shoe cuts are. These include Athlete's foot, corns, blisters, and other bacterial or fungal infections.

Increases your Blood flow in your whole body

Each foot has almost 7000 nerve endings, which is a lot. Pedicures include a massage, which plays a significant role in increasing your blood circulation, making you feel better, and improving your mood. We can't say no to that.

Added Benefit

Pedicures feel great, and your feet feel soft, smooth, and silky. That's just a bonus apart from all these benefits.

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Suppose you have not tried one yet. Remember, people always say, "Don't Knock it till you try it."

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