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Learn how to manage Acne while living in India.

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

from Monsoon to Summer: managing acne year-round in India

Apart from the annoying neighbor aunty, acne is that second thing that doesn't want to leave our side (& our face).

And here at Salon Nayana, we can't promise about your neighbor, but we definitely can help you get rid of your pimples.

Every acne has a Story.

When it comes to acne - facials are the best & expert way to handle them. To get into the root of the issue & solve it. Indeed, there are other choices such as medication, doctor visits, home DIY, etc. Still, facial is the most common & opt for a solution.

Why? Because of its ease & better result.

But acne is not the issue permanently. Acne, too, has its own set of siblings. However, words like a scar, pimple (pustules), breakouts, acne, cysts, and blackheads, whiteheads have been used interchangeably for acne or have been categorized as acne. But it is all different.

Read on to find out the difference between these & the kind of facial to choose that best solves the issue.

For blackheads & whiteheads

Opt for a classic deep cleansing facial. The standard process of cleansing, tone, scrub, steam, massage, & a face pack is followed. This is the most basic form of facial & the focus here is to remove the blackhead & whitehead. It also removes the dead skin cells & all the dirt, leaving the skin looking clean & clear.

It costs about 1k-1.5k.

For unblocking your pores & removing minor breakouts

Opt for a decongesting facial. It deep cleans your face, removing the dead cells & excess oil secretion. It works on the light forms of acne. This treatment works to stop the spreading of acne. The aesthetic uses her hand or tools to remove the breakout. But you may have to opt-in 2 or 3 times to see significant results.

It costs about 1.5 - 2k per session.

For severe acne with scars & cysts

Opt for LED facial. The skin is treated with a LED machine. It first deep cleans your face, then kills acne bacteria with the help of white, blue & red light that goes deep into the layers of the skin. Works best for sensitive skin types. It also boosts collagen production & improves skin tone.

It costs about 2.5 - 4k per session.

For depressed scars, pigmentation & discoloration

Opt for Microdermabrasion. It is a non-invasive treatment where the top layer of the skin is exfoliated. It takes about a few sessions to show the effect. Each session lasts for about 40 minutes. It is best suitable to treat acne scars & discoloration. Other advantages are brighter, more transparent & smoother skin.

It costs about 3 - 5k per session.

For blemishes & dark spots

Opt for a brightening Facial. This involves using chemical peels & masks to make your skin healthy & shining. It improves the skin texture, works on discoloration, and leaves a radiant face. Most suitable to provide even tone & brighter looking skin.

It costs about 4–5k per session.

For severe long-term acne

Visit your dermatologist. When the acne is not as light, it is pretty deep & regular and can not be best treated by facial. The best bet is to visit the most trained & knowledgeable person on this subject - the doctor - or dermatologist. A general dermatologist would be a good option for a straightforward acne case. In contrast, a cosmetic dermatologist would be your go-to person for complex issues. Their treatments include medication, invasive treatments & facials, entirely depending on your skin concern.

It costs about 3–4k per session.

But also remember, getting a facial is just a job half done. What also matters is how well you take care of your skin.

Four other crucial factors that regulate acne:

Your diet

What you put in your body is what shows on your face too. Therefore, if you see pimples on your face, you ate some trigger food. Foods that are fried, oily, sugary, and spicy are essential factors for acne. Avoid eating fries, chips, and too much spicy & fast food. Even too much sugar can be harmful. These affect your stomach & show up on the face by causing pimples.

Instead, add green vegetables, lots of fruits & juices to your diet. These are rich in antioxidants & also help flush away toxins from your stomach. Drink plenty of fluids that will help keep your stomach calm. Shifting to healthy eating will positively affect your pimple issue and surely leave your skin glowing.

Your lifestyle & other factors

Daily habits & your daily routine can play a vital role in the appearance of pimples on your face. Also, things like stress, hormonal changes, and medication may be the reason. It's in your hand to keep a check on this. Make a few lifestyle changes to see the difference in your face too.

You can exercise, practice face yoga, stay stress-free, drink plenty of water, sleep on a clean pillow, avoid dusty places or put up a scarf to cover your face. If you notice, these are tiny little things. But incorporating all these, you will see a difference for sure.

Your skin type

People with oily skin are prone to getting pimples as oil is pimples' best friend. They see oil & appear just out of nowhere.

Therefore, keep your skin oil-free & clean. Wash your face twice daily. Remove your makeup before going to bed. You may have dry, oily, or any other skin type, but if not kept clean, it sure will attract the pimples.

The products you use

It's tempting to keep trying new products & always change our skincare products. But it can harm more than do any good. Also, using the wrong set of products or expired ones or having makeup for a long & continuous period doesn't let your skin breathe & can cause acne.

Make these conscious shifts. Don't use expired products. Remove all products before going to bed. Avoid touching your skin repeatedly. Let your skin breathe. Avoid makeup if your skin is not having a good day. Go all-natural once in a while.

These tiny minor changes may not show immediate quick solutions to your acne problem. But as time pass by & if you are regular with your good habits (mentioned above), you will surely see positive results.

We bet.

Acne FAQ's -

How often should you get an acne facial?

It totally depends on the severity of your acne & the type of facial one opts for. Every acne type has a different solution & a different number of visits required. But once a month is the bare minimum.

What does an acne facial do?

Acne facials help cleanse the skin by removing impurities, dust & dirt.

It helps unclog the pores.

Reduces oil production & inflammation of the skin.

It kills acne-causing bacteria.

Reduces skin redness & irritation.

Leaves the skin brighter & glowing.

Is an acne facial a permanent solution?

It's not the cure to your problem. There is no magic potion applied during the facial to make the acne disappear. But it's a way that helps minimize & control it so it doesn't appear again. Depending on the severity, solutions may range from medication to facial & treatments.

Are there any side effects of acne facial?

There is no permanent side effect if done rightly for the right reason by the right person. But if in case one gets it wrong, then chances are,

It may cause redness & irritation to the skin.

It may cause skin scarring.

If the treatment doesn't suit your face, you may feel itchy & burning.

It may also lead to the spread of acne over the face.

As discussed, every issue is different, and so is the reason & solution.

Facials are not 100 percent cure for the issue, but they sure are one of the best ways to work on it. Facials work on calming the skin, preventing the situation from getting worse, & works on reducing the symptom. Visit your salon & discuss your situation clearly with the beautician & she will suggest the most suitable solution.

Our Verdict - Leave it in the best & trained hands.

Want some expert guidance for your acne, we are here to help.

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