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Permanent Hair Curl is the New Trend Alert in Bangalore.

Updated: Feb 8

The price at Salon Nayana Bangalore for Permanent hair curling starts from

₹ 7999.

Recently, I visited a salon in Bangalore for my hairdo. It was a festive time, & you would have guessed the waiting time at this point in time.

I couldn't help but notice girls & women with pin-straight hair asking the salon stylist to give them curls.

There was a time when straight hair was so in fashion. Everybody just wanted to get their hair straightened. But that day, in that 1 hour in the salon, I would have seen girls & women choosing from multiple curls options within the hair curl category.

What has made this shift? Why are people now shifted towards the curls? Is bold & beautiful the upcoming trend in Bangalore?

Also, if you thought permanent hair curl was just about hair perming. Then you need to upgrade your permanent hair curling service knowledge right away.

To begin with.

What is permanent hair curling?

Permanent hair curling is a hair treatment that sets your hair in waves or curls with the use of chemicals that can last for about 6-8 months.

One can choose the intensity of curls, from soft waves to defined soft curls or full curls. The options are many.

Permanent hair curling can be opted for by women of any age group & any hair texture.

Salon Nayana, Bangalore provides permanent hair curling service.

Why choose permanent hair curling?

If you are looking for a complete makeover & something new & bold to try out for your hair. Permanent hair curling is the best option.

Also, it adds volume to the hair, making it look fuller. No other hair treatment fulfills this criterion. It gives the impression of hair quantity & quality - both in abundance.

What is the price of permanent hair curling In Bangalore?

Permanent hair curling ranges between 6K - 12k in Bngalore

At Salon Nayana, Bangalore, our price for permanent hair curling is a flat price of ₹ 6999.

Five benefits of Permanent Hair curling.

Ever ready

Permanent curled hair can get you ready with your hairstyle quickly & easy. In 5 minutes or less, one can play around with the hair & make a hairstyle that is good to go. It's one hair form that makes sure you are party ready in minutes.

Easy care & maintenance

Permanent curled hair requires less maintenance & care. It needs less hair washing; this means you can go about a week without washing your hair. Your hair becomes manageable & easy to take care of. There is also no strict care routine that one has to follow.

Less Hair issues

Permanent curled hair doesn't get entangled quickly; it detangles easily and is less prone to hair fall. All these hair concerns are easily seen in straight hair. The following reason makes curled hair a favorable choice for people prone to many hair issues.

That extra glam

Permanent curled hair is the talk of the party. It's not only eye-catching but adds glamour to any look. There's no word "boring" in the curled hair girls' book. You can play around with different hairstyles, giving you a forever stylish look with any hairstyle you do.

Saves your time

Once your hair is permanently curled, you don't have to spend time with the tools & blow dryer every time. It saves you time from always blow drying or styling your hair. Just swipe your hair with your fingers & you are ready to go. It also reduces the time spent combing your hair.

How much time does the permanent hair curling process take?

Getting permanent curly hair is a long process. Depending on your hair length, it may take about 3-5 hours.

How long does it permanent hair curling last?

Permanent curled hair lasts between 6-8 months.

The duration depends on a few factors -

The salon where you get the service done.

Service done by an expert can increase the lifespan of the hair curls compared to getting it done locally, as it's all about the experience.

The product used for the service.

High-end premium quality products cost a premium charge. But the money spent is worth it. It's for the high quality they provide.

The quality & texture of your hair.

If your hair is pin straight, the permanent curls will not be able to stay much longer in your hair type compared to wavy hair, which shall last longer.

Your lifestyle & hair care routine.

If your daily routine includes sweating it out in the gym, regular swimming, or regular use of styling tools, then it can decrease the life span of your permanent hair curls.

Care routine of Permanent curled hair.

There is no strict routine to follow, like not tying your hair or staying away from sunlight.

To keep your hair healthy & moisturized, follow these few tips.

Use curl cream regularly.

Opt for hair moose to get that hair glow.

Use shampoo n conditioner designed explicitly for curled hair.

Pamper your hair with a regular spa session.

Use of no or fewer hair styling/ heating tools.

Who should you try out permanent hair curling?

If you have long hair & want to give it a shorter look. Curling the hair reduces the inches of hair as the hair gets compressed.

Looking to add volume to your hair? Curly hair gives the look of fullness to thin hair.

If you are in for a change of style. Curling the hair can get you a complete hair makeover.

If your face structure is small & round. Curly hair gives your face dimension, making it look fuller.

Up for some dare? Curling hair is not for the faint of heart, people.

How can I choose between different kinds of curls?

Here is where the hairstylist, the professionals, come to the rescue.

The kind of curl suitable for a person depends on many factors; There are multiple things one has to consider before concluding which hair curl to go with.

The hairstylist will examine the face structure, hair quality & texture, consider your lifestyle, etc., and help you make the decision.

The process of permanent hair curling in Bangalore.

Process -

After hair consultation & finalization on the type of curl to go with, the hair curling process begins.

The process starts with shampooing the hair. Followed by winding the hair with a perm rod while the hair is wet,

Then, waving lotion is applied, also known as curling lotion.

This is kept for 25-30 minutes. The hair is checked to see if the desired result is achieved. If not, it is kept longer to let the hair set completely.

Once the hair is set, the hair is washed.

Then, the excess water on the hair is dried with a tissue. The hair rod is still on the head.

Next, the curl neutralizer is applied & Kept for another 25 min.

Again the hair is washed & now the rod is removed.

The process is ended by applying the serum moisturizing cream & drying the hair with a diffuser.

Remember these golden points.

After getting the hair curled, you can't wash your hair for two days.

It's advised to visit the salon for your 1st wash after the hair curl session.

Salon Nayana, Bangalore, provides a complimentary first wash to its customers after the service.

Our experts also advise avoiding hair coloring after the permanent hair curl session. If you want to color your hair, it's recommended to do it before getting your hair curled.

Also, avoid the application of henna before n after the service.

This permanent hair curl trend is here to stay. So if you are in a playful mood to try something fun & new & need that extra dash of cool look & volume (who doesn't need that?), this is your hint to book your salon sesh right away.

But remember, curly hair is not everyone's game; you must carry it well. But it sure does add an extra dose of confidence.

To book a free consultation, call us now & let our experts guide you.


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