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Permanent Hair Curl is the New Trend Alert in Bangalore.

Updated: Feb 26

The price at Salon Nayana Bangalore for Permanent hair curling starts from

₹ 7999.

During a recent visit to a salon in Bangalore amidst the festive fervor, I was struck by an unexpected trend. The salon buzzed with activity, and the wait time, as one might imagine during such a season, was considerable.

Yet, what caught my attention wasn't the bustle but a distinct shift in hair preferences. Women, once ardent fans of sleek, straight hair, were now eagerly consulting stylists about curling their pin-straight locks. Gone were the days when the allure of straightened hair reigned supreme. In that brief hour at the salon, I observed a myriad of curling styles being discussed and chosen.

So, what sparked this transition? Why this newfound love for curls? Is the "bold and beautiful" curly look becoming Bangalore's new style statement?

And for those who equate permanent hair curling with traditional perming, it's time for a quick update on the modern nuances of this service. Let's delve deeper.

What is Permanent Hair Curling?

Permanent hair curling is a transformative treatment that employs specific chemicals to craft waves or curls in your hair, lasting approximately 6-8 months. Whether you desire gentle waves, soft defined curls, or more pronounced spirals, the choices are vast. Suitable for women across age groups and hair textures, Salon Nayana in Bangalore is a premier destination for this service.

Why Opt for Permanent Hair Curling?

Seeking a bold hair makeover? Permanent hair curling offers a fresh and voluminous look, setting it apart from other treatments. It not only enhances the appearance but also gives an illusion of both quantity and quality.

Hair Curl Pricing in Bangalore:

Prices for permanent hair curling in Bangalore typically range from ₹6,000 to ₹12,000. The price at Salon Nayana Bangalore for Permanent hair curling starts from ₹ 7999

Five Benefits of Permanent Hair Curling:

  1. Always Ready: With permanently curled hair, you're just a quick fluff away from being party-ready. A few finger combs, and you have a style that's set to impress.

  2. Effortless Maintenance: This hair type demands minimal upkeep. You can extend the time between washes, making hair management a breeze without any stringent care routines.

  3. Fewer Hair Concerns: Tangles and knots? Less of an issue with curled hair. Plus, it's less susceptible to hair fall, making it an ideal choice for those battling hair challenges.

  4. Elevated Glamour: Curled hair is undeniably eye-catching. It adds a touch of elegance to any ensemble, ensuring you never have a "dull hair day." The versatility it offers in styling is unmatched.

  5. Time-Saver: Say goodbye to daily struggles with styling tools. Permanent curls eliminate the need for frequent blow-drying or ironing. A simple finger-comb, and you're out the door, also cutting down on daily detangling sessions.

The Time Commitment To Get Permanent Curls

Now, diving into this curly adventure isn't a quick affair. Depending on your hair's length and volume, you're looking at a dedicated 3-5 hours. But oh, the results are worth every tick of the clock!

The Lifespan of Those Luscious Curls

Imagine flaunting those curls for a good 6-8 months! But here's the catch - longevity isn't just about the process but also the expertise. A seasoned stylist, like the ones at Salon Nayana, can truly make a difference. Add to that the use of premium products, and you've got yourself a winning combo. However, remember, your hair's natural texture and your lifestyle choices, like those frequent gym sessions or pool dives, can influence how long those curls last.

Caring for Your Newfound Curls

While there's no strict rulebook, a few golden tips can ensure your curls remain bouncy and beautiful:

  • Embrace curl creams.

  • Shine on with hair mousse.

  • Choose shampoos and conditioners crafted for curly hair.

  • Pamper those locks with regular spa sessions.

  • And maybe give those heat styling tools a break?

Is This Curly Journey for You?

If you've got long locks and fancy a shorter look without the snip, or if your straight hair needs some oomph, this might just be your calling. And if you're someone who loves to stand out and make a statement, those curls will be your crowning glory.

Choosing Your Curl Style

This is where the magic truly happens. Your stylist isn't just a hair expert; they're your hair confidante. They'll assess everything - from your face shape to your daily routine - to suggest the perfect curl type.

The Curling Process Unveiled

From consultation to the final flourish, the process is meticulous:

  1. Hair Consultation: Your curl journey begins here.

  2. Shampoo Session: A fresh canvas is essential.

  3. Perm Rods: Your hair, while damp, gets acquainted with these rods.

  4. Waving Lotion: This curling agent sets the stage.

  5. Rinse & Neutralize: After the curls are set, it's time for a rinse and neutralization.

  6. Final Styling: The grand reveal!

When to NOT to do Permanent Hair Curling

  1. Damaged Hair: If your hair is already damaged, perhaps from excessive heat styling, chemical treatments, or other processes, adding another chemical treatment like permanent curling can exacerbate the damage.

  2. Recently Colored or Bleached Hair: Hair that's been recently colored or bleached is more porous and can react unpredictably to the chemicals used in permanent curling.

  3. Scalp Conditions: If you have certain scalp conditions like psoriasis, eczema, or any open sores, it's best to avoid chemical treatments until the condition is resolved.

  4. Hair Breakage: If you're experiencing significant hair breakage, it's a sign that your hair is weak. Curling can put additional stress on fragile hair.

  5. Thin Hair: While curling can add volume, if your hair is extremely thin, the chemicals might weaken it further.

  6. Previous Chemical Treatments: If you've recently undergone other chemical treatments, like hair straightening or relaxing, it's best to give your hair a break before considering permanent curling.

  7. Allergies: Some people might be allergic to the chemicals used in the curling process. It's always a good idea to do a patch test before undergoing the full treatment.

  8. Short Hair: While it's not entirely unsuitable, very short hair might not achieve the desired curling effect. The length might not be sufficient to wrap around the curling rods.

  9. Expectation Management: If you have a very specific curl pattern in mind, it's essential to consult with a stylist. Not all hair types will achieve the same curl result, and it's crucial to have realistic expectations.

  10. Maintenance Concerns: If you're not prepared for the maintenance that comes with curly hair, such as using specific products or avoiding certain hair practices, then it might not be the right choice for you.

A Few Pearls of Wisdom

Post your curling session, and resist the urge to wash your hair for two days. And when you do, consider returning to the salon. At Salon Nayana, Bangalore, the first wash is on the house! If you're contemplating a color change, do it pre-curling? And maybe skip the henna for a bit.

Wrapping Up

The curly trend is more than just a fad; it's a statement. If you're ready to embrace this bold look and add a dash of panache to your style, it's time to dial up Salon Nayana. Call 086 6026 0018 to book your appointment



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