When was the last time you took time out for yourself?

Being a working woman and a mother, calls for managing both office and household activities, involving both family members and colleagues. And we totally get you on how consuming and demanding these deadlines, meetings, homework, playtime, and the like can be. You’ve got to be a super woman for sure! And we are really proud of you.

But while wearing so many hats and juggling so many tasks, do you forget to wear a hat for yourself at times? 

We love to celebrate working women plus the mother in you, so let's catch up for a free head massage or a free consultation then? What do you say?

We at Salon Nayana, want you sit back for once, relax, and breathe
Let us serve you and pamper you. And you’ll notice on your own how different you feel at home, with your family and children, and at work with your colleagues and clients – after you’ve attended to your needs first.

Does this really help? What is the connection here? 

Well, then let me share with you a custom or practice we follow at Salon Nayana. Our service team has 4 great women, who are (fulltime) doting mothers and dedicated housewives too. What we do for these lovely caring ladies is we provide them with a free 1 hour pampering session at the beginning of each month. We give them a head massage or a foot massage or a haircut or facial, anything that they are in mood for. (the head massage is everyone's favorite and gets all the vote)

And after the session, what do we see ? We notice a favorable change in their behavior & their way of working. The way they see themselves, the way they communicate and interact at work (and at their home). 

And trust us when we say that, We see an automatic lift in their moods, they are energized, relaxed, happy at work and less stressful, as though they are ready to take over the month. We also noticed that they complain less about their personal lives (of course with their other team members)

Yes, we are no experts in understanding someone's psychology and behavior patterns, but ample studies show and prove that 80% of women who look after themselves first, feel better about themselves and perform better at work. This practice that we follow at Salon Nayana and the outcomes we’ve seen in our ladies, just gives us more reason to believe these facts and figures.

This same thought has made us wonder and believe that if our team of professionals can increase their work and life quality, so can the other working women too. Right?

This is our story behind our initiative “Inspiring better human beings”.

We want you to take some time out of your busy schedule, for yourself and visit us for a free 20 minute head and shoulder massage or a free consultation on a hairstyle, haircut or any hair or beauty service you might like.

Give us this chance to  serve and pamper you. And then you can notice by yourself how different you feel at home, with your family and children and at work with your colleagues & client – after you have attended to your needs first. The whole point here is - only if you feel good from within, will you show confidence at your work. Only if you are relaxed and happy with yourself can you be happy with others and spread happiness around. When you are pleased with yourself, inspiration is natural. Therefore, attend to yourself first, to later attend to others better.

Come visit us at Salon Nayana and give yourself the gift of “me time”. Leave through the doors of Salon Nayana with renewed energy and confidence.

And don't worry about your kids or your partner, bring them along with you! We don’t mind, in fact we love visitors. :-)