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Discover Your Best Self with Salon Nayana's Hair Coloring

Your Free Consultation Awaits

Step into the world of color at Salon Nayana, where your hair is our canvas. Let us guide you gently towards a look that’s uniquely you.

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Why Salon Nayana?

A Palette of Possibilities

Imagine a world of colors where each shade speaks a thousand words. That's what we offer at Salon Nayana. Our range of colors is as diverse and vibrant as the stories they tell. Whether you're dreaming of soft whispers of pastels or bold statements in rich tones, we have the perfect palette to reflect your individuality and charm.

Gentle Care, Exceptional Quality

Your hair's health is our love language. We select only the most nurturing, high-quality products, ensuring that your hair's beauty is enhanced, not compromised. Each product is chosen for its gentle touch and excellent results, so your hair feels as good as it looks – naturally vibrant and full of life.

Heartfelt Consultations

Every visit to Salon Nayana is like a warm conversation with a friend. We listen with our hearts, seeking to understand not just your desired look but the feelings and dreams behind your hair aspirations. Our consultations are a comforting space where your hair wishes are heard and cherished, paving the way for a hair color that truly reflects the beautiful you.


Our Collection

The ₹5999 Offer

At Salon Nayana, we understand that beauty and budget can harmoniously coexist. That's why we're delighted to present our special hair coloring offer – an all-encompassing rate of just ₹5999. This thoughtfully crafted offer is our way of ensuring that everyone can access the luxury of high-quality hair coloring without stretching their finances

"We’d love to meet you and explore your hair color dreams together.
Book your complimentary consultation at your convenience."

The Free Consultation Journey

Discovering Your Perfect Hair Color:

Our free consultation at Salon Nayana is a cozy, heart-to-heart conversation where your hair aspirations become our focus. It’s a time to understand your style, discuss your ideas, and offer personalized advice.

Creating Your Vision Together

Our expert stylists will guide you through color choices and styles, helping you visualize your hair transformation. We're here to listen, understand, and ensure you feel confident and excited about your new look.

A Promise of Gentle Care

During the consultation, we'll explain our approach to maintaining the health of your hair, using only the finest products. It’s a no-pressure chat that sets the stage for your hair coloring journey with us.

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