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The right pedicure in Bangalore can have a magical effect!

Basic Pedicure ₹800 ​| Paraffin Pedicure ₹1000 | Spa Pedicure ₹1200

Imagine relaxing music playing in the background and a room filled with a soft, relaxing aroma. Your feet are soaking in hot water just at the right temperature. Your nails are being filed and cuticles cut while you sit and take it in the atmosphere. And later, your feet are scrubbed & masked, and later massaged with moisturizer. Lastly, your nails are neatly and beautifully painted on.
Now, didn't you feel relaxed just by picturing this?
Isn't this what the perfect self-care date feels like?

Finally, with the lock-down ending and things opening up, you must have already planned to head out, right? 
But before you do that, this is a reminder to look down and observe your feet! With dead skin visible and whatnot, have you wondered how long it has been since you gave your feet the care it deserves?


Do you need more reasons to convince you why you need a Pedicure right now? Well, we've given you many reasons below to book a pedicure appointment with us. Read on!

  • It'll make your feet look pretty and cute, as well as make them clean and soft.

  • Regular pedicures can prevent infections on your feet, reduce cracks, and keep fungal infections at bay.

  • A pedicure will add the lost moisture to your dry, dull feet, leaving them smooth.

  • Cleaning & clipping of nails prevents the nail from in-growing.

  • A foot massage will help relieve tension and stimulate blood circulation.

  • Pedicure massages help release stress, help you relax, and release the happy hormone endorphins, making you feel happy.

  • Ending the session with freshly painted nails will give you the best feeling ever.

  • A pedicure session offers you that "me time" you need to relax and get some time away to regenerate and feel refreshed.

  • And lastly, the feel-good factor that we've touched on earlier. A good pedicure leaves you feeling good about yourself. It's lovely how a pedicure can lift your confidence too.


Now, if you've been thinking of a pedicure as a rare thing, we'd like you to think again.

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Get the clean and pretty feet you love right here in Bangalore

At Salon Nayana, we have a specially curated list of pedicure services designed for every kind of need.

Basic Pedicure ₹800​

Getting a regular pedicure is a great way to look after your feet and toe nails! Pedicures can help soothe and relax your feet when combined with other treatments. Once your pedicurist has massaged several softening and soothing creams into your feet, you'll feel like you are walking on air! 

Paraffin Pedicure ₹1000

This special pedicure involves rubbing warm wax into your nails, feet, and lower legs. Paraffin wax aids in minimizing muscle spasms and inflammation as well as treating sprains. Paraffin wax is a natural emollient. So when applied to skin, it adds moisture and continues to boost the moisture levels of the skin long after the treatment is complete.


Spa Pedicure ₹1200

We always like to recommend only what you need. So while a spa pedicure is often a longer and more luxurious foot care experience, it’s not automatically better than a regular pedicure. A spa pedicure usually involves more therapeutic aspects, which can vary depending on the spa. They might include:

- Foot soak with moisturizing salts

- Extended leg, feet massages

- Scrub exfoliation

- Foot mask

- A Complete Foot Relaxer

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Bring Your Freinds and Family for a Pedicture

A pedicure session has a more significant impact than just how your feet look. It can do wonders for your physical and mental health.
Treat yourself to one of our pedicure services, and thank us later!
And this time when you step out, as they say, “put your best foot forward”!

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