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5 must salon service to start of your Summer right.

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

are you summer ready?

By the pool, sipping on your cool refreshing drink, in your short white dress with a bucket hat on the head & getting your tan on while your short hair sways with the wind. What a perfect way to start your Summer right.

But wait a second is your nails popping with colors, is your hair bouncing off the face, is your body perfectly smooth & face glowing as the sun shines?

You are not Summer ready unless your body is.

Therefore, before we say hello to Summer, let's get our hair & skin prepped up.

And to start your summer right, Salon Nayana lists five must-get beauty services that will get you summer-ready.

What to expect?

One is not really ready unless she has visited a salon just when the new season has arrived. Our beauty experts have curated a bundle of top 5 services that one must surely opt-in for when Summer is in the corner. Only after this can you say you are Summer ready.

The bundle includes

Haircut - chop that hair off. It's Summer, and the sun will not leave your head or hair, so why carry the extra baggage of long hair, which will add to your sweat.

Short hair makes it manageable & easy for you to handle at the time of Summer.

Waxing - it's the season of sleeveless dresses, shorts & skirts, & haven't we already kept our summer dress ready? Which obviously makes us want to say bye to our body hair.

Waxing clears out all the extra body hair, making you ready to fit in your summer dress & move out. Oh, and the confidence it adds to.

Gel nail - of course, we have to match up with the summer vibes, and bright days, and so should our nails. Opt-in for gel nails, which lasts for 3-4 weeks. Trust me, every sip of margarita you take, holding it with your freshly painted nails, will only make you more cheerful.

Cleanup - summer calls for sweating & it's ideal to use as little makeup as you can. Therefore, it's time for your natural skin to shine on. A cleanup will deep clean your face removing all the dirt and dust. Get that natural face glaze on, which will only shine brighter when hit by the sunlight.

Pedicure - let's ditch the slippers & dive into the pool. And when we do this, we don't want our feet to be cracked or dry. A pedicure will clean off your cracked feet from the last season & will leave them moisturized & smooth. And the bonus here, the nail paint will add to your summer vibes.

We guarantee you that with these five services; you are all set for the Summer & trust us, you would have never seen or felt Summer the way you will after you get these services done & step out of the salon.

At Salon Nayana, Brigade Road, we have curated this Summer's special bundle for its very own Bangalore people.

The bundle's original price is 6100 INR.

Our Summer special price is 4200 INR.

Wait, do you want to tweak the bundle a bit? We will provide you with a customized set of services at our Summer Special Price.

Connect with us to get summer ready!

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