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5 Services to get you Festive-Ready

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

your ultimate guidebook to get prepared for the festive season.

In India, there is a festivity feel in the air all year round. It's impossible not to catch the festive vibe.

Out of 12 months in a year, nine months are festive.

While there is a standard checklist, we all prepare ourselves & home before the start of the festivals. But it usually includes things related to home, family, holidays, etc.

Cleaning check, mithai check, gifts check.

But, Get ready, check?

While we ensure that our home is well done, the mithais are made. Gifts are brought; in the hustle and bustle of all these things, we often forget to take out some time for ourselves & get ready and pamper ourselves. The house has its makeover; it's time for your makeover.

This is a great time to pamper yourself with salon services. Focus on your hair, face & body.

Get ready with us at salon Nayana for the festive season.

Look your best for every festival.

Haircut & hair set

Who doesn't like to flip their newly cut hair with a perfectly blow-dried?

Set the festive tone, and get away with your split ends & dull hair. Follow it with a massage to get yourself a hair set. Looking to go bold, set your hair ringlets to curl, or just go for pin-straight hair. Whatever your mood says.

Price - INR 1400 onwards.

Complete body waxing

Festivity is soo much about getting dressed up. Wearing & flaunting the newly brought clothes. It's essential to not only will you feel good, but you'll also feel like the extra baggage has gone off your body.

INR 3500 onwards.

Manicure & pedicure

The festive season is for catchups & meet-ups too. Visiting your friends & family, the hugs & namaste, the poojas & games. We all want our hands & feet to look clean & glowing. The freshly painted nails will only add a spark to your festivity.

Price INR 1500 onwards.


Get yourself a facial to get that festive glow on. It's festive time; there's soo much light & love all around. Don't we, too, want to match up to our surrounding glow? Be a showstopper wherever you go. Let's get every head turned with a clean & clear glowing face.

Price INR 2000 onwards.

Complete body massage

The festive season brings a lot of fun, work, late nights, etc. To be well prepared for the days ahead, do yourself a favour & get a nice relaxing, relaxing complete body massage. It will not only relax your body but leave you fresh & rejuvenated.

Price INR 2000 onwards.

This is your reminder for this festive season & all the coming festive seasons. To care for yourself too.


Visit us at salon Nayana, & leave the rest to us.

Well, get your festive ready.

Call +91 80 4150 7253 to book your appointment.



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