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7 things you need to know about hair extensions in Bangalore

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

for all you short hair girls, your long-hair dream can be true

I know it's a season of short to mid-length hair. Why not if Deepika Padukone flaunts it, it sure is here to say. But tell me, don't we miss our long hair when we wear Indian dresses or want to flaunt new hairstyles & play around with it?

Going from short hair to long hair is not a magic lamp trick.

But what if I tell you it's not that hard too?

You want long hair; maybe the lamp won't do anything, but visiting salon Nayana in Bangalore can do some magic.

Want to know how? Read on

Your quick guide to understanding everything about hair extensions.

What is a hair extension?

Hair extensions mean adding fake hair - artificial or real- to your hair to get extra volume, length & fullness.

Things to follow while getting Hair Extensions.

Match it with your natural hair color.

As extensions are "extensions" of your natural hair. It is only right to make the extensions closest or exact to your hair color. This way, it blends with your natural hair & won't give a feeling of extensions. Find a color that suits your natural hair color; there are plenty to choose from.

If it is apart from the natural color, it will stand out too much, which won't give a natural look.

Always going for A quality.

Never compromise on quality. Be it the salon, the beautician, or the product used. Always choose the best quality as it will show. The best quality products will not only lift your look but also make it look natural & beautiful. It may be a bit costly, but it's worth it as it will last longer.

Follow your post-care rituals.

Everything needs care, & everything has different rules of care. Therefore, please educate yourself on the aftercare method and follow them religiously. Educate yourself entirely about post-care; the stylist will be your best guide. Take advice from the salon expert.

Wash your hair thoroughly, dry it completely, and tie it loose while sleeping are some post-care rituals.

Listen to your hairstylist.

The hairstylists are professionals & are pros at their job. They are used to providing this service & must have served many clients. Therefore, when you go with picture suggestions for how you want it to look. Please make sure you also listen to them when they suggest you as per your hair. They know better than you from extension color to type, texture, etc. Therefore, do listen to them.

Why choose hair extensions in Bangalore?

The primary & foremost reason is to add length & volume to your existing natural hair length.

Hair extensions add length & volume to your thin short hair.

If you want to add color, too, you can choose extensions of different colors to your hair.

It also helps if you've had a bad haircut or bad hair days. Hair extensions could hide them all for you.

Advantages of getting hair extensions in Bangalore.

Hair color

For when you want to experiment with your hair color or add some color to your hair. You can, instead of coloring your natural hair, opt for extensions. Choose a different hair color shade.

Change of hairstyle

Want to change your hairstyle without wanting to cut your hair, extensions are your best bet. You want fringes, long layers, or short ones. There's an extension.

Change of hair type

Curly, wavy, straight, always in the mood to change

Extensions give you the freedom to play around with hair texture. Neither do you have to use heating tools regularly? Also, save you from using chemical treatments on hair.

Types of Hair extensions in Bangalore?

In general & most famously used, there are about five types of hair extensions.

Keratin applied - in this, the hair extension at one end is glued to your scalp with the help of keratin-based dry glue.

Weaves - in this, the hair extension is sewn in with a needle to your hair.

It lasts for about three months.

Taped - in this, the extension is attached with tape to the hair from under the top layer.

Glue-taped - in this, the extension is secured on the top of the hair with glue.

Clip-on - in this, the extensions come along with clips on the top end, which can be clipped on the natural hair. These are temporary ones.

How to choose your hair extensions?

Make sure it blends with your natural hair. Therefore, choose the color accordingly.

Look for a quality product. It should be of high quality.

Choose lightweight but strong options so that it doesn't pull your hair & don't seem heavy on the head. This won't weaken or break your natural hair.

Is getting hair extensions bad?

Anything done in the right way & amount is reasonable.

Hair extension is not bad for the hair if done well & occasionally.

But if it's done many times or continuously - removing putting- it can damage the natural hair.

The key here is to take proper post-care to keep your natural hair & extensions healthy.

As the natural hair grows, the Permanent hair extension would need refitting as due to new hair growth, the extensions get damaged & pulled.

Things to keep in mind before getting hair extensions.

If your hair is already damaged, it's better to first work on it, get a spa treatment & then opt for hair extensions.

Consult with the expert about the type of extension most suitable for your hair type.

Also, after a few months of using the hair extensions, one may find the extension rough or standing out of natural hair as your hair grows.

Also, usually because of the extensions, the natural hair doesn't get enough moisture & becomes drier.

What is the difference between real hair extensions & synthetic hair extensions?

Hair extensions are made with real hair as well as synthetic fibers.

Real human hair extensions are made of real human hair completely.

Synthetic hair extensions are made of synthetic blended plastic fibers & have no natural hair.

Both options have a variety to choose from based on quality, style, color, and length.

But there are still a few differences between them.

Synthetic hair is not real, so have a plastic-like look that is a bit stiff. It also feels rough to the touch. Do not blend as entirely with natural hair.

Whereas real hair gives more of a natural look than synthetic hair. It looks smooth & feels natural & blends in completely with natural hair.

Human hair extensions can be colored, dyed, blow-dried, etc. But as it's made of real hair, you'll have issues like frizz.

Synthetic hair color cant be done so easily as the heat chemicals, etc., can destroy & damage the synthetic hair.

Real hair extensions are costlier than synthetic hair, but it's worth the money as they last longer. The human hair extension is durable & can last up to a year & doesn't get damaged so easily.

Cost of Hair extension in Bangalore?

The cost of Hair extensions in Bangalore depends on factors like the salon, hair volume, extension type, etc.

For a semi-permanent, the cost range between

For a permanent, the cost range between

For a temporary, the cost range between

How long will the hair extensions last?

How long the hair extensions will last depends on various factors like the type & quality of extensions and how well you take care of them.

Usually, synthetic extensions last for about six months, and real extensions last for a year.

Care routine after Hair extensions?

Brush your hair daily. Use a mixed bristle brush to comb your hair.

Use natural hydrating products.

Get your hair trimmed as per the extension length to make it look the same & natural.

Remember, the hair extensions need the same care as your natural hair, make sure to wash it regularly. Keep in mind the products reach well.

Use hair products - shampoo, conditioner, etc.- that are also suitable for hair extensions.

Use a sulfate-free shampoo & deep nourishing conditioner masks to keep both the hair & extension healthy.

Things to remember after hair extensions.

Suppose you feel your hair getting pulled or have regular headaches or pain in the scalp area. Check whether your hair extensions have come out or moved or not been attached properly.

Ensure you wash your hair thoroughly so the roots are correctly rinsed.

Many a time, the roots of the natural hair get deprived of the products; here, you can partition your hair and apply leave-in conditioners or serum on each section.

What is the right time to remove hair extensions?

After 4-5 weeks of its application.

If your hair has grown 2 inches after the extension.

When not to choose hair extensions?

If you have scalp issues.

You are prone to hair loss.

Have very sparse & less hair.

What choice of hair extension should one opt for?

There are many factors to consider before deciding what extension you want to get done.

Suppose your lifestyle & schedule is hectic. Suppose you work in extreme weather conditions and use heat appliances regularly. In that case, opting for real hair extensions is a better idea, as synthetic hair fibers get spoilt & burnt in extreme heat conditions.

In the end, be it any hair extension you choose - it needs to be taken care of. You need to take time out to take care of your hair extensions.

Are there any restrictions on activities after getting hair extensions done?

You can do any hairstyle & choose any chemical hair treatment too. But it won't be required. To maintain your hair health, it's advised not to.

Swimming gym etc., can be continued. The only thing to keep in mind is to keep your hair clean.

Therefore, ensure you rinse your hair after the activities to remove sweat or chlorine water.

Or the best is to tie up your hair high or in a bun or use a cap while doing such activities.

Not everyone has long hair; yes, we would have tried all the internet tricks for long hair dreams, but our mission was never accomplished.

So what if that dint work? There is always an alternative.

Short-hair girls in Bangalore, meet your new best friend - The hair extensions.

Book your free consultation now to see which hair extension suits you.



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