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8 reasons why women in Bangalore should switch to Rica wax

Updated: Jun 5

At Salon Nayana in Bangalore, the Price for a Full Body Rica Wax is only ₹3999

Waxing is that one monthly grooming experience that you cannot ignore. It has to be done monthly or as frequently as the hair growth condition of a person.

Waxing has had its own journey of upgrades from regular sugar to roll-ons to the use of many different flavors for different reasons.

One such upgrade is the Rica waxing; it's a premium experience. Already created its fan base & here to stay for the many benefits it provides.

What is Rica wax?

Technically, Rica wax is a liposoluble wax. This means it is made of vegetable oils & resin extracts from all plant-based ingredients, unlike the usual honey wax. It is entirely natural with no chemicals.

Rica wax is produced by an Italian Cosmetics company called Rica. It is their most popular product & what makes it unique is it is made of 100% colophony-free elements.

Rica wax does more than just remove unwanted body hair. It comes with many benefits too.

Read on to find out the complete list of its benefits.

8 reasons to make your shift now.

1. Sensitive skin

Obviously great for all skin types. From dry to normal skin type. It is highly recommended for sensitive skin. Rica is the best wax for sensitive skin.

2. No irritation

Post the waxing, the skin has no redness or itchiness as it is 100% colophony free. It doesn't irritate the skin.

3. Require no re-application

It removes the body hair entirely from the roots in one application. Therefore, you don't have to repeat the process for a second round.

4. Slower hair growth

The Rica wax slows down hair growth leading to less frequent waxing sessions. The frequency of hair growth reduces.

5. Tan removal

Rica wax works on the tanned skin & helps remove skin tan. It leaves skin looking brighter & moisturized.

6. Less painful & quick

Compared to other waxing experiences, this is quick. There is little or no pain during hair removal. It doesn't leave bumps or scars on the skin.

7, Smooth & non-sticky process

The hair removal process is smooth. The wax oil applied makes it easy & non-sticky too. The after-effect of waxing is it leaves skin smooth, soft & nourished.

8. Choice of flavours

From chocolate to aloe vera to green apple, there are many flavors to choose from to give yourself a royal experience. One can choose depending on their skin type & benefits they are looking for.

At Salon Nayana in Bangalore, the Price for a Full Body Rica Wax is only ₹3999

Upgrade your waxing experience in Bangalore with Rica wax.


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