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8 reasons why women in Bangalore should switch to Rica wax

Updated: Feb 26

At Salon Nayana in Bangalore, The Price for a Full Body Rica Wax is only ₹3999

Say goodbye to monthly waxing woes! Rica wax is here to transform your hair removal experience. This premium, plant-based wax offers much more than just hair removal – it's a luxurious treatment with amazing benefits for your skin.

So, what exactly is Rica wax?

Unlike traditional honey waxes, Rica wax is made entirely from natural vegetable oils and resins. It's a gentle, chemical-free formula created by the renowned Italian cosmetics company, Rica. Its unique, colophony-free composition sets it apart, guaranteeing a smoother and more comfortable waxing experience.

8 reasons to make your shift now.

  1. Gentle on Sensitive Skin: Perfect for all skin types, but a dream come true for sensitive skin. Rica's colophony-free formula minimizes irritation and redness.

  2. No Post-Wax Irritation: Say goodbye to redness and itchiness! Rica's gentle ingredients leave your skin calm and comfortable.

  3. One-and-Done Removal: Rica wax grips hair firmly at the root, ensuring complete removal in a single pass. No need for re-waxing

  4. Slower Regrowth: With regular use, Rica wax weakens hair follicles, leading to finer regrowth and longer intervals between waxing sessions.

  5. Tan Removal & Radiant Skin: Rica wax gently exfoliates, revealing brighter, even-toned skin that glows.

  6. Comfortable & Quick: Experience a less painful and faster waxing session with Rica. Its smooth application minimizes discomfort.

  7. Smooth, Not Sticky: Rica wax leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished, without any sticky residue

  8. Flavorful Indulgence:  Pamper yourself with a variety of scents like chocolate, aloe vera, and green apple. Choose the perfect aroma for your mood and skin needs.

Ready to experience the difference? Ditch your razor and embrace the silky-smooth, confident feeling that comes with Rica wax. Book your appointment at Salon Nayana today!

At Salon Nayana in Bangalore, the Price for a Full Body Rica Wax is only ₹3999



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