Why Every Woman In Bangalore India Needs a Hair Spa.

Updated: May 2

Say yes to a hair spa!

Hair Spa-like how drinking enough water daily can solve 90 percent of life's problems, getting a hair spa can solve your hair concerns.

Is your hair thinning, or has it become dry? You are facing dandruff issues or slow hair growth. Trust me; a good hair spa is what you should try.

We know it's not always the "same size fits all" scene. Therefore there are plenty of spa options catered to different hair concerns. You name it, and you have it, kind of.

Here in this article, we decode the benefits, the idea behind it & why you should book your next spa session right away.

What is Hair Spa?

It's a beauty treatment for the hair. It gets the blood flowing & helps to de-stress the hair & helps work on the hair issue from its roots. Basically, it helps rejuvenate & restore hair health.

The Cost?

Though there is a rumor or believability that hair spas are expensive, it usually is not. The cost anyway is, in fact, lesser than your skin treatments. It depends on factors like your hair length, the product used, & the kind of treatment you want to get done. The starting price range is around 900 INR & the average cost lies somewhere between 1700 INR.

The frequency?

A hair spa is not a one-time affair. To see a long-term result, it's recommended to get a spa session regularly. Only then will you see a real permanent difference in your hair issues.

Although even a one-time spa does solve the concern, the effect remains short-lived. Depending on your hair problem, you can opt for at least once a month - once in three weeks to get a better advantage or result.

The number of sessions required for the spa treatments to show wonders depends on many factors.

Find your reason here :

Advantage - Strengthens the root.

The primary reason for our hair falling is our weak hair roots. Therefore hair spa strengthens the hair from the root & its follicles while also revitalizing the scalp. Thus also positively controlling the hair fall issue. Stronger hair & lesser hair fall, what a win.

Salon Nayana Recommends - Schwarzkopf Hair Spa

Price - INR 1500 onwards.

Advantage - Controls oil production on the scalp.

Excessive oil production of the hair results in hair looking greasy & oily. Oily scalps attract dust & dirt too. A common issue faced by a lot of people. Hair spas suited for oily hair work on the excessive natural oils in the scalp. It stripes the scalp of unnecessary extra oil, keeping it clean & healthy.

Salon Nayana Recommends - Schwarzkopf Hair Spa

Price - INR 1500 onwards.

Advantage - tackles dandruff & dry hair.

A dry scalp makes the hair look lifeless and invites hair issues like dullness, dandruff, and itchiness. But there's nothing a good spa cant solve. It gives life to the hair, brings back its lost moisture & regains the lost luster.

Salon Nayana Recommends - Loreal Hair Spa

Price - INR 1200 onwards.

Advantage - stimulates blood circulation.

A good hair spa includes a head massage, and a good head massage gets the blood flowing, which means it improves the blood circulation in the scalp. This allows the hair to breathe & promotes hair growth as the hair follicles receive more oxygen.

Salon Nayana Recommends - Loreal Hair Spa

Price - INR 1200 onwards.

Advantage - promotes hair growth & texture.

It gives a boost to hair growth. A clean, hydrated well-taken care scalp will promote hair growth. A spa gets the oxygen & nutrients to the scalp, thus promoting hair growth. Added benefits also include the hair looking bouncy & voluminous too.

Salon Nayana Recommends - Nashi Hair Spa

Price - INR 2000 onwards.

Advantage - repairs dull & damaged hair.

A good hair spa provides the hair with the health & nutrients it has been stripped of due to the environment, routine, or lifestyle. It tries to reverse the damaging effect on the hair. The uncared hair - a spa tries to repair the rough, lifeless hair by making it strong, shiny, & smooth. It reduces roughness & also tackles the split ends.

Salon Nayana Recommends - Loreal Hair Spa

Price - INR 1200 onwards.

Advantage - reduces stress.

The massage gives a calming & soothing effect, which removes stress from the head. It not only leaves one relaxed but also refreshed & rejuvenated. The result is not only beautiful hair but also a bit of extra peace & the feel of an excellent experience it brings with itself.

Salon Nayana Recommends - Schwarzkopf Hair Spa

Price - INR 1500 onwards.

Advantage - keeps the scalp & the hair clean.

Hair spas remove impurities from the scalp. It deep cleans the scalp by removing the dirt, dust & excessive oil from the hair. Clean hair brings many benefits like growth, stronger root, shine, good hair health, etc.

Salon Nayana Recommends - Loreal Hair Spa

Price - INR 1200 onwards.

And if you still feel or think you don't have enough time for a frequent salon hair spa routine, here is a quick tip for you to follow.

Oil your head & massage it for around 10-15 minutes, then wrap it up with a hot towel for another 15 minutes. Unwrap it & leave your hair like this overnight or wash it off in an hour. This can be your best alternative & closest experience of a hair spa.

We sure need at least one advantage mentioned above (if not more).

So remember,

Think hair spa as a hair care routine & incorporate it into your beauty treatment. Make it regular & frequent to see a visible change in the quality of your hair, which stays. So even if your concern gets sorted or your issue resolved, continue to maintain your hair health. Continue with your spa sessions.

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