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Your Q&A Round With Hair Balayage.

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

get to know balayage

What is balayage?

Balayage is a hair color technique where hair color is painted onto the hair. The term comes from the French word "balayer," which means to sweep or "to paint." This is ideally referred to because of the way the color is applied. It is the most sought and popular in today's time.

Why is it so popular?

Well, of course, looking at the time & effort it takes compared to other hair color techniques, It has to be one of the most preferred and go-to hair color techniques. Also, the freehand application allows for a graduated, more natural-looking highlight effect giving a modern effect with subtle transitions between the chosen hues. And once you opt for this, then there is no looking back! Trust me.

What about the other hair color techniques?

Previously, the techniques that were widely used were highlights, ombre, etc. But these took a lot of time, too many aluminum foils wrapped on the head, required too much aftercare, etc. At the same time, balayage saves one from all of this. This is just the cherry on the cake. Balayage also gives one of the most natural-looking and glazed effects.

Is this that easy?

Yes! The color is applied freehand, using a brush freely as the hairstylist wants to brush up.

Also, the final look is less stripy than the highlights but gives the gorgeous, fun color you wished for. Balayage gives pops of brightness and contrast throughout the hair while still looking natural.

But aren't highlights the same thing as balayage?

Many feel that balayage looks like highlights, but hold on until you pass your judgment. Technically understand the difference as it differs in some key aspects.

While highlights are created by putting sections of hair in foil, balayage is like painting color freehand. This gives balayage more of a natural feel & look than highlights which look more like stripes.

Here, the stylist has a chance to use her creativity as she can freely color your hair as compared to highlights where she has to follow the foil placements.

What are the different types of balayage?

The classic & evergreen options definitely are the soft blonde and caramel balayage.

Other popular ones are - reverse balayage and smoky gold balayage.

But what's the expected thing to look out for is that all balayage is about placement and blending. Having contrast between the light and dark tones creates a natural look. It has to blend seamlessly from dark hues to the lightest, leaving the color looking soft & natural.

How much does balayage cost?

The cost depends on many factors such as your hair length, hair type, salon, hairstylist, etc. But on average, getting balayage done may cost you between the range of 5-10k.

How can I play with it as per my hair texture & look?

If your hair is flat, then you can opt for the 3-D balayage technique that adds more dimensions to your hair. To get the feeling of volume, instead of using just one color, use two colors, one lighter shade and the other a shade darker. This will give your hair a thicker look. There is an option for every hair & face texture in balayage.

What if my balayage doesn’t look as I wished for?

If your balayage doesn't turn out as you prefer, don't worry! There are a lot of ways by which this can be corrected. Many different toning shampoos are available that will tone the hair color to your preference.

How similar & different is balayage from ombre?

The similarity between both balayage & ombre is that they are highlighting techniques. And most of the time, it's used as an expression to define each other.

But the difference is, ombre is more toward soft gradient look, put up from root to tip from dark to lighter shade respectively. At the same time, balayage is more about covering the complete hair.

Why should I opt for balayage as compared to other techniques?

All techniques come with their own fan base & reasons to opt for them. But here, we insist you try balayage this season for its very own reasons.

To begin with - it Looks so chic & modern. It's trendy and always in fashion. You can find almost every celebrity sporting this look.

Balayage is customizable. It works on any hair type & face type. There is balayage for every hair texture, face cut, hair length, or skin tone. So you can personalize it as per your need to enhance your haircut & your natural hair color and play around with the color option. Here there is nothing as a particular shade.

Balayage requires less maintenance as compared to other hair colors. The process is easy & quick. So less time in the salon, less money spent & less damage to the hair.

Once done, a balayage can stay up to 7 - 8 months. Therefore, it requires no frequent touch-ups.

Are you ready to get your balayage done?

Firstly, choose the salon. As much as getting the right color is essential, getting to the right salon is equally important. Google, do your research and select the salon that does the best hair coloring service- specifically the right hairstylist. Because her past work & her way of work will tell you if you'll have a good experience & get the result you want.

Secondly, before you start showing off your saved Instagram & Pinterest pictures, wait! Hold onto your excitement & first listen to what the hairstylist wants to say. This will begin with the hairstylist asking a few questions about your hair & your daily routine, lifestyle, etc. And then, following that, she will suggest what goes best.

Now after listening to her is your time to tell them what you want & what you are hoping for.

She will either reason out if it's possible or not and try to blend in your considerations with what suits you the best.

Does balayage require a lot of aftercare & maintenance?

Balayage stays for about eight months, so it doesn't require too much of your time & effort and allows you to be off the salon for a long time.

As it's more of a natural technique - to keep the color look young, you can take care of it at home by following a few basic steps. Just use the shampoo & conditioner prescribed by your hairstylist. And follow the simple rules to take care of your hair in general. Like a hair mask once a week, avoiding heat styling, etc.

We hope you have found this article helpful & motivational enough to book your appointment for the balayage.

Visit us at Salon Nayana, Brigade Road, Bangalore, to find your perfect shade.

As we say, we have one life; let's try it all. Go get your hair “balayaged.”



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