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Best Facial for Men in Bangalore.

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

take care of your face, and it will take care of you

As a man, you may think that skincare is only for women, but the truth is that skincare is just as important for men as it is for women. Your skin is your body's largest organ, and it plays a vital role in protecting you from external threats, such as pollution and UV rays. That's why it's essential to take care of your skin, not only to keep it healthy but also to maintain a youthful, attractive appearance.

Unfortunately, many men make the mistake of not taking care of their skin, or of using harsh, abrasive products that can damage their skin. This can lead to a range of skincare issues, such as acne, ingrown hairs, and dull, lifeless skin. In fact, more and more Indian cricketers are starting to realize the importance of skincare. Players like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma have spoken publicly about their skincare routines and the importance of taking care of their skin. That's why it's so important for men to indulge into facials & develop a regular skincare routine and to use products that are specifically formulated for their skin type.

Looking to get a facial? But aren't finding the right salon & beautician? We are listening! Salon Nayana is the place to head to, and to get yourself the best facial.

Five reasons why Salon Nayana is the best to get your facial done.

1. Trained professionals

At Salon Nayana, Bangalore, our Staff and beauticians are trained and know what they are doing. Not only are they equipped with complete theoretical knowledge which includes knowing the skin structure, type, etc. But they are also well versed with practical knowledge of facials too which includes the use of products, massage techniques, pain points, etc. Our staff at the salon can be trusted completely as they have cleared the minimum hours of training required to be experts in facials. So don't worry you are in safe hands when you visit salon Nayana for a facial appointment. They are knowledgeable about the latest techniques and products in the skincare industry and can be trusted to provide you with high-quality treatments.

2. Customization

At Salon Nayana, Bangalore, we understand that every face is different and has its own unique skincare needs. Different skincare issues need a different solutions. That's why we offer a variety of facial treatments that can be customized to address your specific concerns. Whether you're dealing with acne, dull skin, or blackheads, our beauticians will work with you to create a personalized facial treatment plan that will help you achieve your skincare goals. It all starts with a deep face consultation to understand your skin type & concerns. We have multiple facial options to choose from. If you are looking for a specific result or work on a particular skin concern, the beautician works around accordingly.

3. Best Products & tools

At Salon Nayana, Bangalore, we use only the best products and tools to provide our clients with the highest level of care. Our salon is equipped with the latest skincare products and tools that are specifically designed to address a range of skin types and concerns. These tools are the best in the market & updated ones. In addition, we offer a selection of professional-grade products and tools that are not available for purchase elsewhere, giving you access to the highest-quality skincare products on the market. That's one advantage that only facials at a salon can help you with. The use of these products & tools definitely provides better results.

4. Pocket - friendly

At Salon Nayana, Bangalore, we offer a range of facial treatments at different price points to suit every budget. Contrary to popular belief, facials don't have to be expensive. From a basic deep-cleansing facial to a high-end, luxury treatment, we have options to fit every budget. Choose from

a basic one that includes a basic deep skin cleanup. Also, if you are looking for high-end treatments, you'll find deep treatments too. The options are all available, you can choose accordingly.

5. Knowledge & learning

At Salon Nayana, Bangalore, one of the best things about getting a facial is the opportunity to learn from our expert staff. Our beauticians will not only provide you with a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment, but they will also educate you about your skin type and provide you with tips and advice for maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. These professionals look at your skin deeply enough to let you know about your skin more & what products your face needs & doesn't. and help you devise a skincare routine. Also, provide you with product recommendations, the dos and don'ts too.

Now tell me, isn't this a bonus? Yes, you may say you regularly wash and moisturize your face. But is that enough in today's time? Ask yourself!

Five reasons why men need facials in today's world?

1. Confidence

A facial can improve your skin tone and texture, giving you a more youthful, attractive appearance. This can boost your confidence and make you feel more attractive and self-assured. Facials make you look better & add the dash of the extra glow that one needs from time to time and be the best version of self. It also helps your regular-use product penetrate deeper into the skin.

2. Deep clean the pores

In today's world, our skin is constantly exposed to pollutants and harmful substances in the air. A facial can help to remove these toxins and impurities from your skin, leaving it clean, refreshed, and radiant. Yes we know you regularly clean & wash your face. But facials are more than just usual cleaning. It is a deep & complete face-cleaning process, usually like a detox. It helps calm your face on a deeper level which you can't achieve through our regular face wash routine. Helps open up pores, remove dirt & dust from deep & soften your skin & adding an extra dose of shine.

3. Skin concerns

Whether you're dealing with blackheads, acne, or dull skin, a facial can help to address these concerns and improve the overall health and appearance of your skin.

It helps you sort your skin concern on a deeper level. It helps you to extract dead skin from your face that a regular wash clean wouldn't. from extracting the blackhead from skin pores, removing acne zits, pimples, and scars without any scarring & skin damage. And these extractions are best to be left to the experts.

4. Relaxation and stress relief

A facial is not only good for your skin, but it can also provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, letting your skin breathe too. The soothing massage techniques and calming atmosphere of a salon can help to reduce stress and promote overall well-being. It's kind of a self-care ritual, a relaxing experience filled with an hour and more of me time. Take some time from the business of work & life & just take a break to pamper yourself. A little time away from screen exposure too.

5. Skin Maintenance

Ageing is one thing that w all know we all have to go through and can't deny the fact. We definitely can't stop our skin from ageing but what if I say we can delay the whole ageing process & make it more graceful? Regular facial sessions can delay the wrinkle lines & fine lines from showing up on your face. It helps you maintain the glow & the youthfulness.

Prices of men's facials at Salon Nayana in Bangalore

Standard Men's Facial ₹2500+ GST

O3power brightening ₹3000+ GST

O3shine &glow ₹3500+GST

Bridal facial ₹4000+GST

In conclusion, Salon Nayana is the best salon in Bangalore for men's facial treatments. Our trained professionals, customizable treatments, and high-quality products and tools set us apart from other salons in the area. In addition, our affordable prices and commitment to education and advice make us a top choice for men looking to improve their skincare routine.

How much ever we think we are in control of our skin & just washing & moisturizing is enough. Let me tell you it's not. Now facial for men is just as important, critical & a basic necessity for men.

If you're ready to take your skincare to the next level, book a facial appointment at Salon Nayana in Bangalore, today and experience the benefits for yourself!

At Salon Nayana, our expert aestheticians will tailor a facial treatment to your specific skincare needs, using high-quality products and techniques to help you achieve healthier, more youthful-looking skin.

To book a men's facial treatment at Salon Nayana in Bangalore, call us at 080-4150-7253.

Men, don't neglect your skin.



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