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Hair Braiding Trend for Winter, in Bangalore

Updated: Jul 31

end the year trending in style

Winter is here, all our pullovers and boots are out & we have stacked up on hot chocolate.

Shopping for Christmas & New Year's eve is also on the list.

Let's light up our festive parties with trending hairstyles too.

This festive season, choose a trending braid hairstyle to complete your festive look.

Because, this season is all about hair braiding.

We know it's winter, & we want to distance ourselves from the cold water. This includes if someone says no washing your hair for weeks.

This is why braids are a huge hit this season. You ask why? We say because of its longevity & versatility.

A braided hairstyle can compliment any look - Indian, western, party, or casual. You name it & you have a braid style for it.

Yes, we know getting the hair braided is an issue in Bangalore, as very few salons offer this service.

Though braided looks easy, let me tell you, it's not as easy as it seems. You need a skilled hairstylist to achieve that flawless-looking braided style.

But worry not; we have Salon Nayana, Bangalore to your rescue.

At Salon Nayana, we have a braided style to suit any occasion & hair texture. You have thin or fuller hair, wavy or straight hair. Our hairstylist at Salon Nayana has a hairstyle to suit your hair texture.

Starting at ₹500 for a braid strand

Now, if you still have some concerns regarding braiding hair, let's sort it out for you...

Can I braid my hair if it's short?

So what? The length of your hair wont stop you from being glamorous this season. Our hairstylist at Salon Nayana has multiple braided hairstyle options for your hair length. There are several braid styles to choose from.

Does braided style go well with Indian attire?

Yes, the braided hairstyle looks excellent in Indian outfits. Multiple choices to choose from that compliments & blend in with your entire outfit & look.

Will braided hair still let me flaunt my colored hair?

If you think braiding your hair will cover up the hair color or will make it less flaunting. Then let me tell you, there are multiple braid options that will infact flaunt your hair color.

Does braided hair look good on straight hair?

Braided hairstyles let you play around with your straight hair. It's all about the knots; it easily gets braided in straight hair & infact, adds volume to thin hair.

Will I be able to pull off the braided style confidently?

We understand everyone has unique style preferences; what is your style? Is it outgoing or soft & subtle? You have to state your style statement & we at Salon Nayana have a list of braid options that you can choose from, which will speak about your style & also showcase your personality. We bet your braid hairstyle will talk about your style louder than your words.

Is getting hair braided hygienic?

It sure is. Infact it saves you time & energy (especially this winter) from washing your hair for a long time. A braided hairstyle can go up to for weeks. It's famous for its durability & longevity without compromising on your hair health.

Isn't braided style too plain?

Braids are for both the brave & the faint-hearted. If you want to go easy, we have a choice for that. If you want to go wild, you can choose one to braid along with hair accessories to hair tattoos.

Is braided styling cost-friendly?

At Salon Nayana, getting one hair strand braided costs INR 500. If you wish to get it done completely, depending on your hair volume and number of strands, the pricing is decided. Of course, the more strands you get braided, the price per strand gets reduced accordingly.

Hair braiding can be traced back to an African origin. But today, its become a trending & favorite option in many countries. The braiding style has evolved & now we have many different options to choose from.

The listing below are the five popular braiding options in Bangalore, you can choose from.

1. Cornrow braid

One of the most popular braid styles opted for by most—long hair or short, men or women, is an all-time favorite. Here the braid is thin & lies very close to the head.

You can play around & experiment with different patterns by just playing around with the hair partition. Also, one can experiment with another braided hairstyle along with the cornrow braid, like a knotless braid, crochet braid, etc.

2. Box braids

Looking for something very low maintenance & very typical braid style, then a box braid is your answer. It gets its name because, at the root, each braid looks like box-shaped.

This can be worn as per one's convenience & style. One can choose to keep it loose or tight, long or short, even half or full. Or you can choose to keep the box hair just to half of your hair. The choice is all yours.

3. Senegalese twists

If you're the one who can't stop using hot styling tools & want to take a break from them. Then this is your go-to braid style. In this, artificial hair is attached to the root of your natural hair, separated into two strands, and wrapped down to each shaft, resulting in sleek-looking twists.

The cherry on the cake, this braid styling is said to promote hair growth too.

4. Nubian twists

For all the short hair girls who are limited on time, this one is for you. Nubian twists are associated with tight coils. It is kind of similar to the Senegalese twist but for shorter hairstyles, usually till shoulder length. It feels very lightweight & is very easy to incorporate, and it takes less time to get the hair braided in this style.

A very versatile option & if you are still not confident about braids, you can begin your braid-style journey with this choice.

5. Micro braids

While the other braid styles we spoke about were all about thickness, on the other hand, this braid style is created using very small sections of hair. It gives the look of plaits that feels & looks like one thick strand of hair. But the one thing to remember is that this braid style requires hours to style. So if you have patience and can spend long hours in the salon only, then opt-in for this. Time & money - needs both investments in this. And it lasts for up to eight weeks.

Things to consider before you choose what kind of braid you want to choose for your hair.

  1. Your hair type

  2. Your hair length

  3. Duration you want to keep the braid.

Our hairstylists at Salon Nayana, Bangalore, are experts in hair braiding. While keeping in mind these three factors & your lifestyle, they help you select the right hair braid style that will be the best for you.

It sure requires a lot of time & energy. A braided hairstyle lasts up to 4-6 weeks, depending on how well you take care of your hair.

This festive season, go bold; try the braids.

Visit Salon Nayana, Bangalore, for a free consultation to understand which braid style is suitable for you.

Call 080-4150-7253 to know more.


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