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Everything you need to know about getting a facial in Bangalore

Ladies, we've all had those moments – standing in front of our mirrors, wishing for that radiant glow while battling skin concerns. In the bustling city of Bangalore, amidst the pollution and stress, our skin often takes a backseat. But fret not! At Salon Nayana, I've discovered a treasure trove of facials that cater to every skin whim and concern. Let's dive deep into this world of rejuvenation.

The Science Behind Facials

Between our coffee chats and shopping sprees, let's take a moment to appreciate the real MVP – our skin. It's our body's largest organ and acts as a protective barrier. Facials are not just about relaxation; they're about nourishing this barrier. They boost circulation, exfoliate dead cells, and provide deep hydration. And ladies, the glow after a facial? That's the result of increased blood flow and thorough hydration.

Understanding Your Skin Type

Our skin speaks its own language. Sometimes it's oily, sometimes dry, and on odd days, it's a mix of both. Understanding this language is key to choosing the right facial. For instance, if you're like me and your skin gets shiny by midday, you're in the oily club. Dry skin gals often deal with flakiness. Then there are the lucky ones with normal skin, and some with a combination. Knowing your type is half the battle won.

Dive into the Facials at Salon Nayana

Face Massage (₹700)

A relaxing massage for your face, using professional techniques. It'll help loosen the muscles and freshen the skin while toning it up. Your face will look and feel spectacular!

Under Eye Treatment (₹900)

Those late-night Netflix binges and early-morning meetings? Our under-eye area keeps a record. This special treatment takes care of the wellness of your area under-eye. With the always-on-the-go lives, we live today, where broken sleep and stress are common, the area under your eyes can be placed under a lot of pressure. This unique treatment is designed to nourish this area and make your eyes and the skin around them look fantastic.

Skin Clean Up (₹1200)

This is the perfect treatment if you've gotten a facial treatment about 2-6 weeks prior. The skin clean-up is a specialized rejuvenation treatment that will bring back your glow!

Skin Lightening Facial (₹2000)

This is an ideal treatment for those who want to bring back their skin's natural brightness and glow. This facial brightens and lightens your skin by giving your skin the nutrition it needs.

Acne Facial (₹2000)

This facial is specifically designed for those dealing with Acne. Unlike other beauty treatments, it is pretty hard to recommend this one without personally meeting the client and assessing their skin. So visit any of our salons, and one of our beauticians will guide you through an ACNE treatment suitable for your skin type.

Skin Firming Facial (₹2500)

This treatment is mainly for aging skin, where some form of wrinkles is visible. A skin-firming facial will tighten your skin, so it is taut and close to your face, where you regain your beauty naturally.

Oily Skin Facial (₹2500)

Ideally suited for those with oily skin, which can lead to pimples and Acne in an extreme case. Our oily skin facial will help remove all excess oil and return a beautiful freshness to your skin.

Anti Oxidant Facial (₹2500)

This rejuvenating and nourishing facial is for anyone who'd like to infuse Vitamins and Antioxidants into their skin, helping promote healthy and beautiful skin. The deeper these ingredients penetrate the skin, the better the results.

Shahnaz Gold Facial (₹3000)

The Gold Skin Radiance kit is a sensational innovation in achieving skin beauty and radiance. Consisting of an age-defying pure gold scrub, a gold mask, a gold gel, and moisturizing cream, it purifies, revitalizes, and rejuvenates the skin in an entirely different way. It adds a youthful and golden glow to the skin that's unlike anything you'll experience with other treatments.

Post-Facial Care Tips

The aftercare is as crucial as the facial itself. Avoid direct sunlight, keep yourself hydrated, and refrain from using makeup immediately after. These little steps ensure your glow lasts longer.

Why Choose Salon Nayana for Your Facial Needs

In the myriad of salons dotting Bangalore, Salon Nayana stands out. It's not just about the treatments; it's about the experience, expertise, and genuine care they shower on every client.


In our quest for radiant skin, facials are not a luxury; they're a necessity. And finding a place that understands and caters to our unique needs. That's the cherry on top. At Salon Nayana, every facial is a step towards radiant, healthy skin. So, ladies, it's time to pamper yourself. Your skin deserves it!

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