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Your Full Body Waxing Experts in Bangalore.

Updated: Jul 5

Embrace the Bliss of Smooth Skin at Salon Nayana

Are you tired of constant shaving and prickly stubble? Imagine a world where your skin feels irresistibly soft and smooth for weeks on end. At Salon Nayana, we make this dream a reality with our affordable full-body waxing service for just ₹3999!

What is a Full-Body Wax?

A full-body wax at Salon Nayana gently removes unwanted hair from almost every area – face, arms, legs, stomach, back, and more. Exclusively for women, this pampering service does not include intimate areas.

Why Choose Salon Nayana for Your Full-Body Wax?

  • Nurturing Beauticians: Our team understands that your first wax might be nerve-wracking. We create a relaxing environment and treat you with the utmost care.

  • Customizable Comfort: Choose from soothing Rica, chocolate, or honey wax. Let us personalize your package to suit your preferences and needs.

  • Hygienic Practices: Your well-being is our top priority. We prioritize cleanliness and safety in every step of your experience.

  • Amazing Prices: Experience luxury without breaking the bank:

  • Regular Wax: ₹2999

  • Rica Wax: ₹3999

The Beautiful Benefits of Full-Body Waxing

  • Long-lasting Smoothness: Enjoy the freedom of hair-free skin for weeks!

  • Finer Regrowth: Waxing gradually weakens hair follicles, so hair grows back softer and less noticeable.

  • Exfoliation and Tan Removal: Reveal your most radiant, glowing skin.

  • Say Goodbye to Razor Irritation: No more razor burn or ingrown hairs, just smooth, touchable skin.

  • Confidence Boost: Feel empowered, beautiful, and ready to flaunt your favorite outfits with newfound confidence.

Is It Painful?

Waxing involves a bit of temporary discomfort, but we take every step to make it as gentle as possible. Our skilled beauticians use careful techniques and provide soothing aftercare to ensure your comfort.

Your Salon Nayana Experience

  • Caring Consultation: We'll discuss your skin type, hair growth, and any questions you have, putting your mind at ease.

  • Patch Test: We'll ensure your skin responds well to the wax with a small test area.

  • Gentle Waxing Process: Our beautician will expertly wax each area, using comforting techniques to minimize any discomfort.

  • Soothing Aftercare: We'll pamper your skin with calming lotion and provide instructions to keep your skin feeling wonderful.

Ready to Embrace the Bliss of Smooth Skin?

Book your first full-body wax at Salon Nayana and let us unveil your most radiant, silky-smooth self. We promise a nurturing and transformative experience you'll adore.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment at 086 6026 0018 or visit our website

Looking forward to serving you soon!



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