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Your Full Body Waxing Experts in Bangalore.

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

A Full Body Rica Wax Costs over ₹6000 per session in Bangalore.

At Salon Nayana, our pricing is affordable & a full body wax only costs ₹3999

Hands, underarms & full legs - getting these three areas waxed is an old-day familiar story; we all have been there and done that regularly.

But today, we want to look flawless & enjoy a complete body free of hair.

If you are already fretting about the pain, don't worry, and read on. It's not a painful process.

As a beginner, it can get overwhelming, confusing & scary if one doesn't have complete knowledge about the pre-work, the process, the price, and post-care of the service. The lack of information most of the time gets us confused & makes us believe that it's not the thing for us. But let's not give away a chance to wear the clothes we always wanted to wear or the opportunity to add extra confidence by shedding off the extra body hair.

Read on to upgrade your full-body wax knowledge.

Full body wax is a waxing process of complete hair removal from face to toe. This service at Salon Nayana is only for Women.

What is included in a full-body wax?

A full body wax session includes - waxing of the facial hair, full arms, full legs, stomach & back region but does not include the intimate area.

What products are used in a full-body wax?

Different types of wax can be used. Hard or soft wax. Choice can be made depending on the hair type, body sensitivity, budget, & the body part being waxed.

Roll on?

How long does a full body take?

The time also depends on the amount of hair on the body. More the hair, it may take a bit longer to remove them.

One single session

Body wax doesn't mean you must visit the salon multiple times to get the service done. In a go in one sitting, you can get yourself a complete body wax done. The duration of time is usually 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Smoother skin

The feeling after a complete body wax is priceless. It leaves your skin feeling insanely soft and free of unwanted hair but also nourished & soothing.

Removes tan

Salon Nayana uses Rica wax and chocolate wax for complete body waxing. The advantage of using the flavoured wax is that it removes the hair and the tan, leaving your skin glowing & radiant.


As it involves removing hair from sensitive areas of the body, the process has to be as smooth as possible. The beautician must be well trained & hold expertise because one wrong strap pull can either cause rashes or make the skin red. And that's the last thing we want to happen.

A Full body wax experience at Salon Nayana, Bangalore.

Our beautician at Salon Nayana is specially trained to carry out the full body wax service.

Before starting, a patch test is done to gauge the sensitivity of the client's skin, as all skin differs. The beauticians are professionals and have conducted many full-body wax sessions already. So you don't have to worry; trust us, you are in the right place & safe hands.

Why book your first-time full-body wax with us?

Friendly and expert beauticians

As told earlier, our beauticians are professionals & well-versed in the full body wax department. Therefore, you being a beginner, may have many questions & doubts lingering in your head that you want answers & assurance for.

Our staffs are not only well prepared to answer all your questions but are very friendly & polite to treat you with. Our beautician knows well to deal with different body parts & make sure you have a smooth experience. They ensure you feel relaxed, comfortable & at ease throughout the process.


At Salon Nayana, we know every person & their pain is different. As & when the body is waxed, pain & discomfort may arise due to the body's sensitivity. Therefore, we do not fix a stipulated time for the service. In fact, we give our clients the time they want. Some clients would take extra time for the service completion, for they may need some rest time after each part is waxed to recover from the pain.

You get plenty of options to wax with

At Salon Nayana, we give the client the flexibility to choose. Various options to pick from what ingredient they want to use - chocolate, Rica, honey. The client also has the freedom of choice of a beautician. A lot of time, the client wants to avoid going for a complete body wax package or just wants to leave out one part of the body & not get that waxed. We provide flexibility here too. The client can create their own bundle, including or excluding the body parts from their full body wax package. Our waxing menu can be shuffled as per your needs.

We use up-to-date, safe practices

We ensure we provide quality service without compromising on the quality of the service and making it the safest experience for you. From the beginning of the procedure till the end, the beautician takes care of the hygiene of the place & the client. Providing a safe environment with the best quality product & hygienic staff is our top priority in Salon Nayana. We follow the one-time use per-service rule. Do not reuse the equipment and use disposable ones.

We offer one of the best prices for full body wax in Bangalore.

In Bangalore, a full body wax can cost up to 3K depending on the salon & product you use. At some high-end salons, the rates may go up to INR 5000 per session.

At Salon Nayana, the full body wax are as follows

Regular Wax Full Body ₹2999

Rica Wax Full Body ₹3999

As this service includes full body, clients are super cautious & want complete assurance & trustworthy people. The pain of wax is already a pain that clients must endure. We at Salon Nayana wish to ensure that we do not add to it. We try to minimize the waxing pain too.

We have the best in business to provide you with the service.

Situated at the central location, the staff and the service, we urge you to book your first wax session with us to experience a hassle-free experience.

Full body wax v/s individual wax.

Getting a full body wax is better than getting individual body areas waxed.

Firstly, it saves you money. A full-body wax package is cheaper & economical compared to getting each area waxed individually.

It also saves you from shaving your body regularly, which is time-consuming & results in faster & coarse regrowth of hair.

Thirdly, it saves you time. While you opt for individual body wax sessions, it consumes a lot of time. A full-body session does the work in one go, saving you time for multiple appointments.

Who doesn't like a smooth, flawless body?

Walk out of the salon feeling more confident about yourself & ready to wear any kind of cloth you want - strapless or backless, the choice is yours.

Getting rid of the excess hair is like letting go of the extra baggage from the body. This automatically makes you feel confident, leaving you fresh & with smoother skin. Also, the removal of tan is always a bonus.

And the catch - your body feels smooth in just about 2 hours in one complete session.

The end result? You sure will love the result of the service, we bet!

If you feel it's painful or hurtful.

Let me be direct with the answer. A bit of pain is there, but that depends on the sensitivity of your body & the level of pain one can handle. It may be painful for you if you feel hurt by the slightest pull. If regular wax sessions had been easy for you, you wouldn't feel pain. Therefore, it's all in mind & how you handle the pain.

The hair removal process is not entirely painless. But the pain can be minimized & is bearable. It depends on how the beautician carries out the process too.

Precautions from our end -

To make the process easy & comfortable for you. We at Salon Nayana take our job seriously.

Before the session, we apply lotion to clean the wax area to make the process easy & also, after the session, we use soothing cream to soothe your skin.

A single appointment is all that you need.

Setting several visits for different body parts is a hassle & also time-wasting. Here a single appointment for full body wax comes to the rescue. It saves your time & energy & completes the job in one go. No multiple visits are required & no need to prep the body again & again for the same purpose.

One full body wax session at Salon Nayana, Bangalore, can leave you with long-lasting months with a hair-free body. Thus increasing your time before the next appointment.

Enjoy the best experience in Bangalore for a complete body wax session.

Book your appointment with us now.


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