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Gel Nails in Bangalore: Affordable Beauty at Salon Nayana

Gel nails are very popular in Bangalore because they're shiny, last long, and come in many colors. This blog will tell you why gel nails are great, how much they cost, especially at Salon Nayana, and how to take care of them.

Why Gel Nails?

People love gel nails because they:

  • Stay shiny and don't easily chip.

  • Have many colors and styles.

  • Show off your style.

Gel nails are perfect for work, parties, or just making your hands look nice.

Cost of Gel Nails In Bangalore

The price for gel nails in Bangalore can vary. Some places might charge more because they use top-quality products or have very skilled artists. But finding a place with good services at a fair price is important.

We have exciting news at Salon Nayana! We've adjusted our prices to make gel nails more accessible for everyone. Our Gel Extensions service is now just Rs. 2499, including tax.

This change makes our services a great deal, especially when compared to other places that might charge up to Rs. 4000 for similar quality.

Taking Care of Your Gel Nails

Keep your gel nails looking great by:

  • Moisturizing your hands and nails.

  • Wearing gloves for chores.

  • Not using your nails as tools.

  • Getting touch-ups at the salon.

Why Salon Nayana?

Salon Nayana is a great choice for gel nails because:

  • We care about beauty and your experience.

  • Our team is skilled and friendly.

  • We offer great prices for high-quality services.

Visit Us

If you're looking for beautiful gel nails at a good price, come to Salon Nayana. We'll help you find the perfect color and take good care of your nails.



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