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Hair Botox Treatment - Talk of the Town in Bangalore.

Updated: Oct 21

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As we get older, we are concerned about our skin losing its glow, elasticity, offsetting wrinkles, etc.

But have we wondered that just as the skin, our hair too is getting old. Just as our skin loses its glow & shine, the hair too starts to lose its shine & is more prone to damage & breakage.

We sure have heard botox for the skin & body, but never for hair.

The hot talk of the town, It's Botox for your hair.

Let's get into the details.

What is a hair botox treatment?

Like botox for skin helps relax & soothe the skin, hair botox revitalizes the scalp & restores its natural youthfulness by filling in individual hair fibers. The only common ground between the two is the after-effect it gives. It adds fullness & life to your dull-looking hair.

The botox name derived here is for the purpose it solves, of the work done by the product & not for the product used.

Botox, in simple words, and botulinum toxin in technical form, is the old word we've heard, especially with celebrities & in the beauty world. More related to skin treatment which helps tackle the signs of aging, smoothing wrinkles & fine lines.

Is hair botox similar to skin botox?

But if you think that's the same for hair, think again because it's not. Botox for hair is not even close to skin botox concerning the procedure.

Botox for hair doesn't contain botulinum toxin compound, nor is it an injection-based process. So it's not the same for hair as for the face.

Advantages & benefits of the hair botox treatment?

The main benefit derived from botox is it adds moisture to the hair & gives it elasticity.

It helps eliminate frizz & improves the look of the hair.

It helps rebuild broken hair & repairs damaged hair.

It adds shine & luster to the hair.

It works on the split ends.

It deeply nourishes & conditions the hair.

It gives straightening benefits too.

Why hair botox treatment is a good choice?

As we age, just like our skin, our hair too loses its elasticity & its fullness. Many products in the market help with our hair health but can't cater to many or all issues.

Botox helps tackle many hair issues without any damaging compounds or chemical usage.

Why hair botox treatment is suitable as compared to other treatments?

  • Best for grey hair, too, as this doesn't turn the hair yellow.

  • Best for metallic hair, as this treatment, can be done on colored hair without affecting the hair color much.

  • Best for those who have had any styling, coloring, or other damaging treatment done to their hair.

What is the process of botox treatment at the salon?

To begin with, your hair is washed thrice, for 5 minutes each, with a purifying shampoo. It is to remove the dirt, dust & oil from the hair leaving it clean. This also opens up the hair cuticles & prepares the strands for the next step.

Then the hair is towel dried to remove excess water, followed by a blast blow dry to make the hair 100 percent dry.

There is no conditioner applied.

Next, the hair is sectioned into four equal parts, and the botox cream is applied to every hair strand, coating the surface of your hair section by section & leaving the roots. Followed by a clean wrap cover which is left for 60 minutes on virgin hair & 45 minutes on colored hair.

Next, the hair is run through a straightening iron, followed by a break for 15 minutes. This allows the product to penetrate the hair strands deeper.

Followed by a hair wash in plain running water (no shampoo) for about 7 minutes.

Then the conditioner is applied, left for seven minutes & towel dried.

This is the complete process of hair botox treatment.

What is the cost of a hair botox treatment in Bangalore?

A botox hair treatment may cost around INR 8000-10000.

Again depending on the kind of product you are using & the type & length of your hair.

A Flat Price for All Hair Botox of ₹8999 + GST At Salon Nayana Any Length - Any Volume - Anyone Call Now To Book, Limited Time Period Only!

What is the duration of hair botox treatment?

A botox session may take about 4 hours.

Is the hair botox treatment similar to keratin treatment?

No, they aren't; the difference is in the context of the ingredient used; Botox doesn't contain any formaldehyde.

Keratin is a form of chemical treatment. botox treatment is nonchemical in nature.

Keratin treatment may sometimes have allergic reactions or burn the eyes, but this process doesn't burn the eye or has an allergic reaction.

Botox works equally well on treated hair, unlike keratin treatment.

Keratin provides a pin-straight hair effect, but botox is your option if you are not looking for the complete pin-straight effect.

You must wait three days for the keratin effect to seal in Keratin. In botox, you can wash your hair or jump into a pool on the same day if you'd like.

Botox moisturizes the hair, works on hair follicles & elasticity, and Keratin works on hair straightening.

Keratin hair treatment may be INR 2000 - 4000 cheaper than Botox. A hair botox costs around INR 14000, whereas a keratin treatment is more affordable & costs around INR 10000.

Botox treatment is suitable for all hair types, whereas a keratin treatment is best suited for women with curly hair.

How long does the botox effect last?

The effects of botox last for about 55-60 washes, about 4-6 months. Ninety percent straightens soft wavy hair, and 60-65 percent straightens extreme curls. The percentage depends on hair type & curls.

Many factors depend on this number - How you treat & take care of your hair. Your lifestyle, chlorine water prone, etc. The kind of shampoo you use. Usage of heat appliances, chemical treatments, etc. All this reduces the duration of your botox effect.

How does botox work for the hair?

Botox is more than deep conditioning but less than a chemical treatment. It coats the hair fibers with a keratin filler. What happens here is it fills the broken & thin area of each hair strand, making it look smooth & lustrous.

Things to keep in mind after the hair botox?

To make the effects last longer & take better care of your botoxed hair, follow these tips.

Use sulfate-free shampoo, the specific shampoo that's been mentioned. Follow a hair regime for long-lasting results.

Indulge in deep conditioning hair mask routines every week.

Avoid the use of heat-styling appliances as much as you can.

Cover your hair while stepping out in the sun for heat damage control.

Opt for botox treatment twice a year.

What are the ingredients used in the hair botox treatment?

Primary ingredients that you would find are acidic compounds that are free of harmful chemicals & safe to use, - intra - cylane, caviar oil, E vitamins, BONT-L peptides, vitamin B-5, and collagen complex.

Furthermore, there is no formaldehyde or parabens.

Disadvantages of a hair Botox treatment?

These sessions are expensive. It costs a lot of money.

The aftercare process is to be strictly followed, which may be an effort work for some.

The same result is not promised. It depends on the hair type, texture, kind, etc.

Also, the duration is not promised; it depends on how you take care of it.

Is hair botox worth it?

The hot talk of the town botox is new in the market & has already created hype. The results are excellent & worth giving a try. It sure positively affects the hair, making it worth your money. In simpler terms, it's the next level of keratin treatment.

And the best part is it doesn't turn the grey hair yellow & works well even on colored hair.

Who needs hair botox?

If you've got split ends, dull & frizzy hair, or damaged hair,

If your hair lacks volume, shine & smoothness.

If you have colored, bleached, or done any chemical treatment on hair.

If you want your hair to look straight.

Botox is for you.

Who is Hair botox is suitable for?

For any & every hair type.

FAQS of hair botox treatment

Is home botox treatment worth it?

While at-home hair botox treatments are available for self-try, getting it done professionally at the salon is always recommended to avoid damaging the hair.

Is hair botox treatment permanent?

Hair botox is a semi-permanent treatment and doesn't last forever. The duration differs from person to person based on hair care texture, etc. On average, it lasts for about four months.

Can the hair be dyed after botox treatment?

It can be, infact, for people with grey hair, it's a good option. Yes, but the tone may go lighter or darker depending on your hair quality & color.

But for hair quality reasons, it's advised not to avoid unwanted side effects for at least two weeks after the treatment. The chemicals in the color treatments can affect hair cuticles and reduce the lasting power of the botox treatment.

Does botox affect coloured hair?

Botox can affect the tone of already-coloured hair.

Is botox suitable for all hair types?

Yes, very much. Botox is suitable for all hair types. But the results may vary depending on the hair, quality, texture, etc.

Is botox better than Keratin treatment?

It depends on the result you want. Botox is a better option if you want to revitalize your hair. Keratin is a better option if you want to pin your hair straight. But overall, botox is less damaging & better for the benefits of hair than Keratin.

By the end, have you figured out whether it is for you?

Connect with us if you think it's for you or have any doubts.

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