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Hair Botox Treatment - Talk of the Town in Bangalore.

Updated: Feb 27

Our Botox Treatment is Just Flat ₹6999 including GST

No hidden Chargers. Yes you can get this offer too

As we age, it's not just our skin that shows signs of time. Our hair also loses its youthful bounce, shine, and strength. While we've all heard of Botox for smoothing wrinkles, did you know there's a revitalizing Botox treatment designed specifically for your hair? Get ready to transform dull, lifeless strands into a lustrous, healthy mane!

What is Hair Botox (and What It's NOT)

  • Not an Injection: Unlike traditional Botox, hair botox doesn't involve any needles or injections.

  • No Botulinum Toxin: It's a deep conditioning treatment that gets its name from the amazing results!

  • The Power of Repair: Think of it as a supercharged boost of hydration, proteins, and nutrients that restore your hair's strength, elasticity, and reduce frizz.

Why Hair Botox is the Solution You've Been Waiting For

  • Reverses Hair Aging: Counteracts the effects of time, heat styling, and environmental stressors that leave our hair dull and brittle.

  • Intensive Repair: Fills in gaps within damaged hair fibers, rebuilding strength and reducing breakage.

  • Smooths & Controls Frizz: Tames unruly hair for a polished, manageable look.

  • Lustrous Shine: Infuses hair with a healthy, vibrant glow.

  • Protects & Revitalizes: Shields hair from future damage, promoting long-lasting health.

Is Hair Botox Right for Me?

YES if you struggle with:

  • Dull, dry hair

  • Frizz and unmanageable texture

  • Split ends and breakage

  • Loss of volume and elasticity

  • Damage from coloring or heat styling

The Salon Nayana Hair Botox Experience

  1. Deep Cleanse: A purifying shampoo removes buildup and preps your hair to absorb the treatment fully.

  2. Botox Application: The nourishing cream is meticulously applied, coating each strand without touching the roots.

  3. Processing Time: The formula works its magic, allowing the nutrients to penetrate deeply.

  4. Thermal Sealing: Gentle heat from a straightening iron locks in the benefits for long-lasting results.

  5. Rinse & Condition: Excess product is removed, and a deep conditioner replenishes moisture.

  6. Reveal: Your hair is transformed – smooth, silky, and radiant.

The Benefits That Last

With proper aftercare, the effects of hair botox can last for several months, giving you effortlessly beautiful hair day after day.

Pricing at Salon Nayana: Your Hair Transformation Is Affordable!

We believe everyone deserves the confidence boost of gorgeous hair. That's why we're offering an incredible limited-time offer:

  • Flat Price Hair Botox: ₹6999 including GST

  • For ALL hair lengths, volumes, and textures

Hair Botox: Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a hair botox treatment take?

Expect your salon appointment to last about 4 hours.

Is hair botox the same as a keratin treatment?

No, they're not the same. While both treatments offer smoothing and frizz-reducing benefits, they work in different ways:

  • Hair Botox:  A deep conditioning treatment focused on repairing damaged hair, restoring health, and adding shine. It's chemical-free and suitable for all hair types.

  • Keratin Treatment:  A chemical process that alters the structure of your hair, making it straighter for an extended period. It may contain formaldehyde and results can vary depending on hair texture.

Is home botox treatment worth it?

While at-home kits exist, professional application at a salon is highly recommended. Salon expertise ensures the correct process and minimizes the risk of hair damage.

Is hair botox treatment permanent?

No, it's semi-permanent. Expect results to last around 4 months, with variations based on your hair type and aftercare.

Can hair be dyed after botox treatment?

Yes, but it's best to wait at least two weeks. Hair coloring too soon can interfere with the Botox treatment and reduce its longevity.

Does Botox affect colored hair?

Botox treatments may slightly alter the tone of your dyed hair.

Is Botox suitable for all hair types?

Absolutely! It works wonders on all hair types, though results may vary based on individual hair needs.

Is Botox better than Keratin treatment?

It depends on your goal. Botox focuses on revitalizing hair health and reducing frizz, while Keratin is primarily for straightening. Overall, Botox is less damaging and offers broader benefits for hair health.

Is Hair Botox Right for You?

If you've been nodding along while reading this, chances are hair botox could be the transformative treatment you've been searching for. Here's a quick recap of who benefits most:

  • Those battling dull, lackluster hair in need of rejuvenation

  • Anyone struggling with frizz, breakage, or damage from styling or color treatments

  • Those wanting healthier, stronger hair with incredible shine and manageability

Ready to Experience the Hair Botox Difference?

Connect with the experts at Salon Nayana! Whether you're ready to book your appointment or have a few more questions, we're here to help you make the best decision for your hair.

Call us at 086 6026 0018 and let's start your hair transformation journey!



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