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Curly hair cuts Ideas for the woman in Bangalore.

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

from short to long - embrace your curls

One thing that we are all learning is to embrace our natural selves.

A study noted that the most seen trend in the past was people getting their hair straightened or opting for Keratin treatments, etc. The reason behind it could be following the trends, making hair more manageable, or just wanting a change in the look.

But now, as things & time change, so are the people. There is more awareness regarding the need to nurture the original hair type & especially the curls.

So if you have natural wavy or curly hair and are looking for inspiration for your next haircut, read on.

Below is a list of 7 haircuts that will enhance your natural curls and make you fall for it all over again. Haircuts that are made to bring out the best of your curls.

7 Haircut Ideas for Curly Hair

The long bob

Give it a long layer and let the soft curls, in the end, define themselves. It gives your hair a thick feel & adds volume to the hair. Also, it's easy to maintain & gives a young-looking look.

Same length shoulder cut

Let your hair to one similar length, maintaining it above the shoulder length. This will give your thick curls a framed look. With your complete hair at one size, your cut & curls look defined. It doesn't weigh your hair down but gives it a bouncy effect.

Layered haircut

One can never go wrong with the layered cut. If you have unruly curly hair & you want to maintain the hair length. This is for you. This is an extended layered cut.

It adds to the flow & volume of your hair.

Bob haircut

A bob cut is the best option for people with short curly hair. This lets you flaunt your natural texture & gives you a powerful, daring look. It also helps your curls provide a defined look.

It provides texture & attention to detail as well.

Short ringlets with fringes

If you have soft curls, opting for ringlets till shoulder length helps your coil move around softly & gives it a light & defined look, thus highlighting your face. Give a fringe touch to it to add natural volume to the hair.

Shoulder-length layers

Cut your curly hair into a few layers towards the bottom length of your hair. This will let your curls flow on top of one other. It also adds sharpness towards the end.

Short Pixie cut

If you thought curly hair couldn't be short, think again. We suggest you try the short pixie cut if you want to go bold. This is where you keep your hair longer on the top & a bit short on the sides, which adds to the look. The best part of this is that it doesn't call for any high maintenance & gives your curls the required flow & definition.

The options are endless. Depending on your hair length and curl type, you can even mix the haircut. The best option is to visit a salon & get a consultation with a hairstylist who will be the best to guide you with your haircut.

For a Free Hair Consultation, visit Salon Nayana, Brigade Road, Bangalore.

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