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How Facial can be your tool to be the Powerful & Attractive Man?

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

it's more of a skincare ritual than just a high-end beauty treatment

Men and Facials - do these terms run on the opposite side? Not anymore.

Facials are also for men; it's been a long time since we all accepted this. And if you have not already got it. After reading our conversation between 3 different men & our salon beautician, you will indeed.

We say hello to the three men - from different professions (student, businessman, doctor) & different age groups.(27,37,47) Rohan, Adarsh, and Sandeep, respectively. But the one thing common in all these three men is that they have been underestimating the need & benefits of Facials - for men.

Our three facials rooms are ready, lit with candles, a soothing aroma & the required equipment. And we will treat them to a special facial session at the end of our conversation.

But only if they agree to it. (Margaret, our beautician, is confident that they will).

Read on to find out whether the three facial rooms got their guest of honor or not?

What do you think?

So let's start with the most basic information.

What is a facial?

(though they had a hint still, we wanted to be clear if we all stand on the same page).

A facial is a face treatment that includes cleansing, exfoliating, massaging, masking & moisturizing your face. The facial removes dirt and dead skin & makes it clean & glowy. It improves the skin texture & the benefits it provides to the face skin are immense.

Why should men get a facial?

Let me give you five reasons why:

A deep cleansing routine

Facials help deep clean & detox your skin. The process helps remove all dirt & dust by opening the pores. This improves the skin tone & leaving it shiny & glowy.

Get rid of your blackhead & whiteheads.

Facials include extractions of face zits, blackheads, whiteheads, & other acne blemishes. It helps open up the clogs & clear the pores, which minimizes the building of oils & kills the pimples & acne issue in the bud. It also reduces the appearance of the pore size.

Work on damaged skin

Men are always on the go with long working hours, traveling, and workouts at the gym. This causes much damage to the skin as the skin is exposed to environmental toxins. The environmental damage is immense & shows up directly & quickly on the skin.

From the sun's rays to environmental pollution to the sweat from gym work. There is nothing that doesn't affect the skin.

Maintains your skin

There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself, including your skin, especially your facial skin. It helps you get rid of dead skin. The skin concerns can't be sorted by themselves.

Relaxation & the experience

Facial treatments are for self-care, too; you have to lie down & relax while the beautician takes over. It lasts for an hour. Leaving you relaxed & refreshed. It helps de-stress. Imagine the massage helping you unwind. The process keeps you away from your phone for a while, with no disturbance and no worldly tasks to perform. Isn't it a luxury in today's time? Time for self.

Aren't Facials only for women?

Men & women's skin is different. Not the same after puberty, at least. In Fact, a man's skin is thicker & prone to more oil production & prone to skin issues.

The skin tends to get rough for men due to regular shaving. A facial helps calm the irritated skin from frequent shaving and maintains the texture & tone.

So isn't facial soo very much for men too?

I have facial hair & beard, but I don't think a facial is a good option.

Not completely necessary. If you have a beard, the skin will still receive the benefits as the products run deep & with the steam & the massage, the benefit penetration is not an issue. It keeps your beard well-conditioned & manageable too. Leaving it healthier & softer.

Can I not do it at home?

Yes, we agree that the facial routine of cleansing, scrubbing, massage, etc., all can be done at home. But can you do it better than a trained beautician?

The products that they use & the way they use them makes the product penetration deeper & work better. It targets through the deep levels.

When they massage, they actually use the points which soothe the skin & get you to relax. The scrubbing includes removing the clog & the blackheads. Will you be able to do it better?

Trust us, a facial at a salon is way different than what you will do at home.

How is the beautician better at helping me with my skin?

Firstly, they are trained, have better tools & products than you have. Secondly, tell me when was the last time you stood near the mirror & saw your face deep.

At the salon, the beautician has tools & expertise and will look into your skin deeper & see the concerns that you wouldn't be able to notice. They will help you recommend facial accordingly & also work on the problem. They will better guide you on your skin routine & provide product recommendations too. They can tell you more about your skin than you would & address the concerns so that your face skin health is maintained.

Is there only one facial option for men to choose from?

Just like one shoe doesn't fit all sizes, different kinds of facials are suited for different concern types.

Three basic types are:

Deep cleansing Facials - To reduce the skin's dust, dirt & excess oil. It helps get rid of dead skin & makes the skin look healthy & clean.

Anti-aging Facials - To reduce the appearance of wrinkles & lines. It helps restore skin firmness & keeps the skin tight. It makes you look young & glowing.

Acne Facials - To reduce the acne on the face. It helps minimize inflation, zits & redness. It also prevents further breakouts.

There are more options to choose from, but the ones mentioned above are the most common & opt-for facial choices for men.

Does one facial solve all the issues?

Getting a facial won't solve all your skin problems at once, but you will see a significant difference in your skin. And if you are regular at it, you will love the positive change in your face, we bet!

Will I have to get facials regularly once I start?

There is no rule of getting it frequently once you start with the facial. It all depends on yourself. Suppose you wish not to get it again or get it after a year or just after two months. It's all your choice. But usually, you could start with facials & do it once every three months.

What are the points to remember for those who are first-time at this?

Don't worry; we've got you covered.

You've got to remember a couple of things before you go for your appointment.

Skip your shaving the day you get your facial, as you will have your skin exfoliated during the facial already.

Having a shaved face is better. It allows one to absorb all the benefits of shaving (less hair, better facial work).

You may feel some irritation & discomfort in your skin, as your skin may take some time to adjust to the products used. But worry not, it would last only a few minutes to an hour.

What are the benefits of a men's facial?

Feeling relaxed & rejuvenated. Having supple skin & smooth skin, making it look tight & adding warmth to get you rid of wrinkles & premature aging. The benefits of facials are endless.

What's the best time to get a men's facial done?

The best time to get facials done is before the change of season. It helps prep your skin for the coming season.

Also, suppose you want to prep your face for a special occasion like a wedding or party. In that case, it's advised that you make your facial appointment five days before the event, as the facial glow takes about 3-5 days to show its benefits.

Does my shaving routine have anything to do with a facial?

It's advised to shave 24 hours before the facial treatment. If you shave on a facial day, your skin may be prone to irritation. Also, do not shave immediately after the facial treatment.

What are the other issues that facials can solve?

A lot of your facial skin issues can be sorted by a facial. Even after one facial treatment, you can definitely see the difference. Problems like - ingrown hair, razor burns, skin sensitivity & dullness. All of these can be worked upon through facial. It helps repair the skin & reduce signs of aging too.

Is there an age for men to start with facials

Okay, instead of answering it directly, let's counter-question.

At what age do you want to feel confident & in yourself. Confident in your skin?

At what age do you want to feel powerful & need that people pay attention to you?

At what age do you want not to feel self-conscious & instead bold?

At what age do you want women to look at you & compliment that beautiful face of yours?

At what age do you want your face clean & clear, without pimples & wrinkles?

At what age do you want everybody's eyes on you while you are up for a presentation?

Is there any particular age for all this?

No right?

So facial really doesn't have a particular time or age; you can start as early as you hit puberty. As said earlier, for every age, skin type & concern, a facial is made.

Their magical box of questions finally came to an end. With no more questions to ask, Margaret then asked her question.

Can you guess the question?

Are you willing to enter the facial room & try your first-ever experience?

But even before she could complete her question, she had already got a YES as the answer.

Do you think twice before getting a haircut? Then why should you doubt your facial appointment?

Men, are you listening?

Grab your phone & book that facial appointment for yourself. You will thank us later.

Call 080-4150-7253 now.



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