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How Regular Pedicures can help Senior Citizens Stay on their Feet for Longer.

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

happy feet, happy life: step up your foot care

Aging has its challenges as you grow in wisdom and knowledge. Unfortunately, the physical body starts to decline, and things that used to be easy start getting harder.

Your feet have done over 10,000 miles, including walking, running, jumping, balancing, etc.

Yet still, your feet have kept you standing through all the trials and tribulations you have faced. Sometimes when life seems most demanding, your feet have held your ground and kept you fighting in adversity.

As we all enter the twilight of our lives, we must give back love, caring, and compassion to our bodies that have kept us going for so long.

The simplest and healthiest thing to start with is a foot massage and a pedicure. The health benefits of a pedicure are immeasurable, which include

  • Better Blood Flow

  • Prevention of foot disease

  • Managing stress and emotions

You heard that correctly; click & check this extract article from psychology today.

"Nervousness, stress, fear, anxiety, caution, boredom, restlessness, happiness, joy, hurt, shyness, coyness, humility, awkwardness, confidence, subservience, depression, lethargy, playfulness, sensuality, and anger can all manifest through the feet and legs."

At Salon Nayana, our team understands the contribution our elder folk has created for us. Our staff has always enjoyed the wisdom and insight we receive from our mature-age customers. We hold them dearly in our hearts as the team has gained immensely from the stories and life experiences. Yes, our Salon Nayana team loves listening to your stories and is looking forward to hearing more.

Our team also understands your needs and wants; we are incredibly patient and gentle. We do not set a time limit for our services as we recognize that each of our customers is different, and some need more time. We will not rush through your service as we understand that you are not as agile as before. Sometimes we might get busy, but we will not let that deter our service quality, nor will we make you feel rushed.

We follow strict hygiene processors and protocols, which is essential in today's conditions for all safety.

In the context of the turbulent times of 2021, you may feel as if we sometimes fail to acknowledge your contribution to making our lives better, and safer, and creating more satisfying experiences. This is understandable. Here is our way to ensure we appreciate your contribution towards making our lives and the lives of others better- We are introducing Senior Citizens Tuesday.

Every Tuesday, Senior Citizens (Over 60) will get a 50% discount on all our services. We will also keep the music with the'0s7s and 80's themes so you can groove while you get comfortable.



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