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L’Oréal Hair Spa in Bangalore

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

your old but evergreen "hair, best friend!"

Just like movies & popcorn go hand in hand, so does hair spa & loreal.

Loreal hair spa is everyone's tried & tested; old is gold, the go-to formula we reach out to whenever our hair needs that extra pampering.

Dull, dry, hair fall, whatever the issue is, we know a good Loreal Hair Spa is the solution.

Visit us at Salon Nayana, Bangalore to experience a premium Loreal Hair Spa service.

Let's take you behind what happens in a Loreal hair Spa.

Process - While the whole process, L'Oréal hair products are used.

The hairstylist will first wash your hair with L'Oréal shampoo & then apply conditioner to the hair to give extra condition to the hair.

Next, Loreal cream is applied & the hair is given a deeply relaxing massage for about 7-8 minutes.

Later, the hair is given steam for 5 minutes to allow the product to penetrate deep inside the hair. It strengthens the hair & makes it stronger. Finally, the hair is rewashed to remove the cream from the hair. The process is ended with a blast blow dry & set of the hair.

The duration of Loreal Hair Spa is about 45 minutes.

Let me tell you one thing. From a one-time spa, if you are expecting a complete hair-altering experience, then let me direct to the point answer that. It's a no. A hair spa is not some complete makeover or alteration of the hair. A hair spa, in fact, is a tool of nourishment for your dull, dry, damaged hair.

The 3-D Loreal Hair spa is for

Dull hair - lifeless & not shiny

Dry hair - lack of moisture

Damaged hair - burnt with split ends

The 3-S Loreal Hair spa is for

Making your hair shiny

Making your hair smooth & silky

Makes your hair soft

The benefits of Loreal Hair Spa

Duration - once every three weeks - month.& instantly nourishes your hair deeply.

Adds moisture to the hair.

Makes the hair soft, smooth & shiny.

Makes the hair manageable & healthy.

Restores the natural look of the hair.

Gives frizz-free hair.

The hair massage

Relaxes & rejuvenates your hair.

Helps the product penetrate deeper into the hair strands.

It gives a calming effect & helps reduce stress.

How regularly should one get a Loreal Hair spa done in Bangalore?

Duration - once every three weeks - month.

This time frame depends on many factors, from hair health, hair-care routine, lifestyle, etc.

The price of Loreal hair spa in Bangalore

For women, the price starts from INR 1200 + taxes.

For men, the price starts from INR 900 + taxes.

A hair spa is not a one-time process.

Hair spa is an every-month process. This means one finds an instant result during every session you take. But regularly taking the spa means maintaining the result & working deeper towards the hair health issue.

One session doesn't repair the hair completely, but it starts its work towards it. And through regular spa sessions, one may reach the end goal of complete hair repair & recovery.

It's a recovery process; continue it for a repair process.

Loreal Hair spa comes with varied options & for all hair types & concerns.

It is the hair food that feeds the hair fiber with its required nutrients.

There is no hair issue that Loreal Hair Spa cannot solve.



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