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Maintaining Your Streaks Hair Color: Expert Advice from Salon Nayana, Bangalore

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

get the most out of your streak's hair color with these simple tips

Coloring your hair can be a fun and exciting way to switch up your look, but maintaining that vibrant color can be a challenge. Fortunately, Streaks hair color offers long-lasting, vibrant color that is easy to manage. In this article, the hairstylists at Salon Nayana in Bangalore share their expert advice for protecting and maintaining your Streaks hair color.

Tips To Maintain Your Streak Hair

1. Wait Before Washing

After coloring your hair, it's important to wait at least 24 hours before washing it. This allows the color to fully set and helps prevent fading. If possible, wait even longer to give the color even more time to set.

2. Use Color-Safe Products

When choosing a shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products, make sure to look for those that are formulated for color-treated hair. These products are designed to be gentle on the hair and help protect the color from fading.

3. Avoid Hot Tools

Hot tools like blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons can damage the hair and cause the color to fade. Try to limit your use of these tools or opt for gentler, heat-protecting products to help keep your hair looking its best.

4. Protect Your Hair from the Sun

The sun's UV rays can cause the color to fade, so it's important to protect your hair from the sun when you're outside. Wear a hat, or scarf, or use a leave-in UV protectant to help shield your hair from the sun's damaging rays.

5. Trim Regularly

Regular trims can help keep your hair looking healthy and prevent split ends from forming, which can make the hair appear dull and lifeless. By getting regular trims, you can help keep your hair looking its best and keep the color looking vibrant.

By following these simple tips from Salon Nayana, you can help protect and maintain your Streak hair color and keep your hair looking its best. Whether you're looking for a bold new color or just want to freshen up your look, Streaks makes it easy to achieve vibrant, long-lasting color at home.

So why wait? Try Streaks hair color today and see the difference for yourself!

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