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Natural Hair is back in for 2022 in Bangalore.

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

It's time to go all-natural.

The grass is greener on the other side. This is what we have learned & believed throughout, right? But let me pop that bubble and introduce you to the reality that no one talks about. The grass is greener on the side you water it. By now, you would be thinking, why am I being your moral science teacher & telling you all this. I was going to introduce the new trend of 2023 but got philosophical, you see (my apologies).

Natural Hair is back in for 2023.

Natural Hair At Its Best!

Embrace your natural texture!

Yes, we all keep running for what we don't have right.

Joseph, our Senior hairstylist at Salon Nayana, says that 80 percent of the people come with straight hair to get curls done & people with rings come to get their hair straight. They don't like their natural texture and are always looking to change it to something else.

But let me tell you, some people love your hair & wish they had it just like you. Isn't it the same thought you have when you see someone else's hair & hope that you had it?

But why is it that your friend envies your hair and you envy your friends?

So clearly, the point here is not that your hair is terrible, just that you have not accepted your natural texture or aren't taking good care of it.

This year's trend is here to remind you how beautiful you are & your hair,

Embrace your natural self. Accept what you've got & start taking care of it.

This year is all about being authentic. Gone is the time when people appreciated the fake - fake curls, fake straight, fake length.

Now everyone wants to see the real.

So shift your focus from getting hair treatments to taking care of your hair in all possible ways.

Here are a few ways by which you can start with

Show off your natural texture

Ask your hairstylist what looks best for you as per your face structure, hair texture, length, etc. And then embrace it. Without using tools or styling products, adopt naturally beautiful hair. See what hairstyle suits your face, relaxed hair or closed, accessories or free, side part or middle part. All these things do get a considerable amount of change in your look.

Let's go Anti

Anti-heating tools, anti-blow-dry, anti treatments, anti chemicals. Here what we mean is to say no to all these things. Don't visit the salon to change your natural hair texture. Let your hair breathe. Don't use that blow dryer or straightener to fix your hair. I know it's hard not to "quick fix" your hair when you have last-moment party plans & you want your hair to look the best.

But please don't reach out for the tools; instead, you can try some cool hairstyles depending on your hair condition.

Try a high ponytail or a messy bun or pull and leave it open. These tricks will surely get you going during your bad hair days.

Practice the every 3-month ritual

We all have heard that hairdressers focus on getting your hair trimmed every three months. They are right; no, it's not to increase their business. It's for the healthy growth of your hair. Trust me; it's scientifically proven. Our hair needs a trim every three months, so the dry, dead hair is cut off. This serves two important purposes - your hair looks healthy and it boosts your hair growth.

Grow your hair out

This year focus on growing your hair. Also, as you are going all-natural, giving yourself that beautiful haircut is essential to bring out the best side of your hair & texture. It will not only add volume & flow to your hair but will make you fall in love with your hair all over again. It is honestly said that a girl with a new haircut can conquer the world. According to her face & hair structure, hair length, and hair health, a haircut is made for every girl. So before you start growing your mane, book an appointment at the salon to get your haircut done.

Pamper Yourself

We said no to tools, but never miss out on the opportunity to pamper yourself. Yes, we do not deny the fact that all hair has some concerns; what we are saying is instead of changing your hair type, let's work on the circumstances, right? And for this, the best solution is to give your hair the pampering session it deserves. Give your hair the spa it deserves. That is how you can bring out the best of your natural hair. Curly, soft waves and fluffy, straight textures are beautiful. Just visit your hairstylist & consult with him about what spa your hair needs.

Utilize your WFH period

Take a cue from the situation. As you spend more time at home due to Covid, why not care for your health? A few steps to follow is to naturally dry your hair and give your hair a hot oil massage twice a week. Do weekly home DIYs for your hair focusing on what it needs, etc.

The three years that were gone by have taught us that nature is the best & how things can be at their best when taken care of. And following these easy steps will surely make you fall in love with your natural hair all over again, we bet! This year we urge you to put your natural best forward & embrace your most authentic self. As we all know, there is none like self. Remember, the grass is greener on the side we water it.

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