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Perms are making a big comeback in India? Here is all you need to know about it.

Updated: Feb 26

the return of the perm

Flashback to the '80s and '90s: big hair, bold fashion, and yes, the unforgettable perm. Love them or hate them, perms hold a special place in hair history. But guess what, Bangalore? Perms are back, and they're shedding their outdated reputation with a whole new level of customization, healthier practices, and seriously chic results.

Are You Ready to Join the Perm Revolution?

We get it – perms might trigger images of overly tight curls and potential hair damage. But hear us out: it's time to ditch those preconceptions. Today's perms are all about embracing your style and achieving amazing volume, texture, and low-maintenance fabulousness.

Perm Myths vs. Modern Reality in Bangalore

Let's bust some myths and get you excited about the possibilities of perms in Bangalore:

  • Myth: Perms are one-size-fits-all. FALSE! Choose from tight spirals, beachy waves, root boosts, spot perms, and more. Your look is customizable.

  • Myth: Perms are super damaging. Not anymore! Modern techniques and products used by skilled Bangalore stylists prioritize hair health.

  • Myth: My styling options will be limited. Think again! You can rock your natural curls, straighten, braid, or create gorgeous updos – permed hair is versatile.

Your Bangalore Perm Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Ready to delve into the exciting world of modern perms? Let's explore the process, styles, benefits, and more!

  1. What's the magic behind a perm? Perms use a chemical process to restructure your hair, giving it a long-lasting wave or curl pattern. The result? Effortless style that saves you time.

  2. Perm Styles for Every Bangalore Fashionista

  • Root Perms: Add major volume and lift.

  • Spiral Perms: Tightly-coiled and super bouncy.

  • Beachy Waves: Loose, effortless texture.

  • Spot Perms: Get curls in specific areas for a unique look.

  • Multi-Textured Perms: Combine different curl patterns.

  1. Will a perm ruin my hair? The old-school reputation for damage is fading. Today's perms and Bangalore's expert stylists prioritize hair health.

  2. The Lowdown on Perm Maintenance: Learn how to care for your perm with tips on air-drying, hydration, detangling, and more.

  3. Can I color AND perm my hair?  YES! Your stylist may recommend an extra step to ensure the best results.

​The Perm Setup: Preparing Your Hair for Transformation

Getting a perm might feel a bit mysterious, especially if it's your first time. Here's a breakdown of what happens before those magical rods even touch your hair

  1. The Hair Assessment: Your Bangalore stylist will carefully analyze your hair texture, thickness, and existing health. They might also consider your face shape and personal style when advising on the perfect perm for you. This ensures that the technique and products used are tailored to your hair's unique needs.

  2. Cleansing: Your hair will be thoroughly washed with a clarifying shampoo that removes any product buildup or residue. This ensures the perm solution can work its magic evenly and effectively.

  3. Sectioning & Strategy: Your hair is then meticulously divided into sections. Your stylist will have a plan in mind – the size of these sections and how they're wrapped around the rods will directly influence your curl pattern and overall style.

  4. Rod Selection: Time to choose the weapons of curl creation! Perm rods come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Larger rods create looser waves, while smaller rods give tighter curls. Your stylist will select the rods that best fit your desired result and hair length.

  5. Wrapping It Up: Section by section, your hair will be neatly wrapped around the rods. This step requires precision and attention to detail. Different wrapping techniques can create different curl patterns and effects.

  6. Protection: Sometimes, a thin protective paper is placed between your hair and the rods. This helps prevent breakage and ensures an even distribution of the perm solution.

Why Bangalore Loves Perms: The Top Benefits

  • Built-in Style: Wake up with fabulous hair, ready to explore Bangalore.

  • Humidity-Proof Your Hair: Fight frizz and embrace your curls.

  • Time Saver: Spend less time styling and more time enjoying the city.

  • Confidence Booster: A great perm transforms your look and your attitude

Ready to Rock a Perm in Bangalore?

If you're looking to add volume, texture, and effortless cool to your look, a modern perm might be your holy grail. Consult with a reputable Bangalore salon, explore the many exciting options, and get ready to discover your inner curl goddess!

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