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The convenience of the house or the comfort of the salon?

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

House couch or salon couch? Where do you want your beauty treatment?

Covid has indeed made home parties a hit. But it has also done wonders for the salon at home - the "bring your salon home" concept.

Two years ago, you were the one who told your father/husband not to get their work back home & now aren't you guilty of getting your salon work at home?

We know, we know Covid has done this to you. You need your pampering session, but you are scared too & opting for house service was the best option you thought.

Since 2020, there has been a shift in the customer's wants & the way the business is happening. All thanks to the pandemic. It not only taught us to keep our self-care a priority, but demand for in-home salon services showed a rise in popularity of its own.

This has given rise to Urban Company, where the beautician visits your home & offers the service. And is the best option for people who do not want to leave their homes yet for the salon service.

While a few are still skeptical about visiting public places, many people are finding a chance to leave the house & move out to get a breather.

But as things are getting back to normalcy, how do you feel about the beauty service? Moving out to get it or booking at-home service. What is the best option & why? Let's find out.

I'm a salon freak. I mean ever ready to get myself pampered, so visiting the salon always topped my list. So when the pandemic happened, I switched to calling the professional at home.

My experience - both in-house & salon visits.

Read on to find out everything that comes with the choice.

Point of Convenience

I often hear that calling a beauty professional at home is convenient & a time saver for the busy bees. But I don't know if suddenly I get too busy & don't get time to visit the salon.

There is a way if there is a will, so I plan my salon session and book my appointment. I mean, no one is that busy taking out time for themselves.

If we have time to scroll through Instagram, we might as well do it at the salon.

Yes, when I call the beautician home, the convenience of booking an appointment, rescheduling it, or tweaking the time a bit is indeed a bonus. It works when you have unplanned events or relatives who show up uninformed. But otherwise, if you have planned or scheduled an appointment, why would you want to cancel it? Also, the same convenience is provided by the salon as well. You have to call & inform them, and they will be happy to help you.

Point of Time-saving

It sure is time-saving where it helps me cut down the traveling time, the effort to visit the salon, drive till there, and get myself ready.

But every locality has a set of salons to choose from, & driving through is hardly the big task here. At least you are moving out of the house, getting ready, meeting new people, and communicating. Isn't that a good thing?

Yes, we know you are busy & you want to save time. But don't you think the whole purpose of self-care, pampering yourself, is about relaxing & taking out the time for yourself. So if you argue about the fact of leaving the house, driving through to reach the salon. Hear me out; any locality possesses over 8-15 salons. It won't take much of your time to get to your favorite salon.

Point of Privacy

When I'm at the salon, I'm to myself. There is nobody to disturb me. But when I book an in-house visit, there is my mom or sister who wants to get their service done. They want to get their threading done or the underarm waxed.

The beautician usually says yes & services them too. She's happy as she earns an additional income. But it can be relatively a hassle as she tries to finish the extra service within her limited time.

When I visit a salon, the feeling I get entering it is quite different. I mean, it makes me feel good already. I feel like it's my time away from the hassle, the kids, the office work, or household chores; this is just for me.

The ambiance makes the whole difference, right—moving out of the house & experiencing it.

Point of Ambiance

Salons are usually designed to appeal to our five senses. Visiting the salon is not just about the service but also the feel. The light, sound, and aroma are all made to get you to ease.

While I get my service at home, it's the same room, clothes stacked up in a corner, the kid's toys in another corner. It's the same feeling, being in my room with the same vibe even when a beautician is doing her work.

Point of Ad- Ons

When we shop, in the end, at the billing counter, we suddenly remember that we need one more thing to buy. The same thing happens to me in the salon. While I sit in the chair, I realize I need to add another service. And the beautician happily does that. But when I call the beautician at home, I usually can't add on the extra assistance for my booking as she usually doesn't have the service tools or equipment or is running late for her next appointment.

Being at a salon gives me the advantage of service add-ons, as all the equipment & products are available there. I can upgrade or add on a new service at the last moment.

Point of Hygiene

Since the pandemic, we all have taken a new route for hygiene & safety. But more than the household, we have seen an increase in care in such matters at public places like restaurants, salons, etc. They are following all the safety protocols & being very careful & regularly sanitizing the area, tools, etc. The beauticians periodically wash their hands, their temperature is routinely checked, tools are sanitized, etc.

Calling a beautician at home does guarantee us safety? How do you know her last appointment was at a safe house or which mode of travel she used to reach your doorstep? And you are not exposed to what they get into your home. Do you have the answers to these?

Point of no disturbance

Imagine having a nice massage in your bedroom, and someone knocks at your door. Open the door. There's my charger inside. Oh, Iron man has come. What do I do, mama?

This disturbance is the last thing you want to hear while getting your beauty service done. For this particular reason, I miss my salon even more. Oh, the dim light, the sound of only the soft music (v/s the kids at home), the candles, the aroma. Nothing can beat the salon atmosphere for sure, I realized.

Point of tools & Equipment

Carrying the tools and equipment to places has also been an option.

But some equipment is not portable & cannot be carried, like the sink for a pedicure, the steam machine, and much more. Yes, you have the small tub and steam alternative, but honestly speaking, once you've got your service in the tremendous authentic tools, the small ones won't please you enough. Because when I had my in-house service, I still felt something was missing even after the service.

Point of Availability

So when I book a salon online, opting for an online solution is problematic at the last moment. A salon at home needs to be booked a day earlier. Almost always, for my last-moment needs, what I've found as a savior is my neighborhood salon. I walk in & get my service done. And what if that's full? I visit another salon in my locale. In about 2 km, you can find 12 salons to choose from.

I always like to choose my stylist. In fact, for services, like manicure pedicures, I prefer it to be done by two beauticians simultaneously. This advantage is something a salon at home doesn't provide.

And yes, who does like the extra pampering? Someone is getting you the tea & cookie, or the herbal tea, a magazine to read ( I finish them by the time my service gets done), guiding you, chit-chatting with you. It indeed is an experience.

We all are busy, & this is the best part of being active. My sister & I book our appointment together at the salon. Thank God they have space for two people. So while we get our services done in separate chairs in the same room, we also get our little gossip session. You see, it's a party for two. Sipping the coffee, talking, & laughing out loud. (Yes, but when the nail paint is applied, you have to sit still).

Being on both sides of the road, my personal favorite has to be visiting the salon for its ambiance, choice of service, experience, safety, hygiene, professionalism & the extra touch of pampering.

Yes, salon service at home has its benefits, which I won't deny. And it was a savior during the early time of the pandemic. But as things get back to normal, I know how much I missed visiting the salon. And I've booked my next appointment already.

I'll always remain a salon girl.

You can't take the salon out of a girl. If you know, you know.

The idea of relaxation comes only from the sense of being in a salon.

And Salon Nayana, Bangalore promises you a great salon indulgence.

What are you waiting for?

Call 080-4150-7253 & book your salon sesh now.



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