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12% of Indian Women Suffer From Acne. Find out if you are one of them!

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Have you heard about Glass skin? And have you also heard about pimples, pores, and cysts? While the first word is everyone's dream to have, the other words are everyone's nightmare thoughts.

Acne is that one word that brings a sense of panic & stress. And this is usually followed by a dip in our self-confidence and low morale. Even after reading through many blogs, editorials, and listening to tips from influencers, or having long-hour discussions with our friends, we have still not concluded a specific sure-shot reason & solution for acne. We still don't understand what causes acne.

Is it because of the food we eat, the pollution we are prone to, or something else?

Let's find out.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning when I woke up and walked toward the mirror in my dressing room. I saw two little uninvited guests sitting on my skin - 1 on the forehead and the other beside my nose. And if you, too, believe you are not God's favorite child, you would have by now guessed whom I am talking about. Yes, they were the Pimples.

For me, it was a panic situation, so I rushed to my mother. And for every problem, every mother has just one supporting reason to justify it. Lack of water and unhealthy food eating habits. According to her, getting these two things right will solve 90 percent of life problems, including acne.

Eat good food & drink plenty of water! Is this really the magic potion that my skin wants? And to find the answer, I began doing a bit of research.

What I learned from all of my research, salon experts, influencers, and skin specialists are what you shall find below. Read on to find out more about it.

What is acne?

Acne is not a disease; it's a chronic skin condition. And to be honest, there is no direct percent cure for this, and the only solution is to treat it from inside the body.

Acne depends 90 percent on your food habit, and the rest is on your lifestyle & the outside environment. It's a mixture of many factors & activities that influence the entry & exit of these acne scars, cysts, spots, etc.

What gives rise to acne?

Three significant reasons which give way to acne growth are:

  • Inflammation causes the skin to expand due to the presence of excess oil.

  • Hormonal changes in the body are caused due to various changes in life like puberty, motherhood, etc.

  • Open skin pores that lead to the build-up of excess oil & dirt.

Let's investigate the different things you can do to control and manage your acne. Are you cleaning your face in a way that will make your acne worse? Firstly, not cleansing your face the right way & with the right product. This is the essential thing and the most missed fact from our end. When we wash our face with wrong products & wrong way, this leads to accumulation of dirt & dust in the face. Also, remember to wash your face twice daily. It keeps the face clean and gives the face time to breathe.

If you think the expensive & fancy face cleanser is the right product for your face, you are wrong; a mild cleanser that suits your skin is just the right product. And washing it in a circular motion with clean hands is the right way, and twice a day for the right duration.

Is your current health and lifestyle affecting your acne? Is your body fit & healthy from the inside? The statement "what you eat inside shows on the outside" has stood the test of time and holds true even now. Are you stressed, had a tiring day, or missed your sleep? All these factors affect your body mechanism and show up on your face, resulting in breakouts and making your skin look dull.

All these can be solved by making a few changes in your daily routine like having an adequate 7-8 hours of sleep, eating healthy, leading a stress-free life, etc.

Are you skipping moisturizers & sunscreen?

Though we all know that oily skin serves as the basis for acne, keeping your skin dry won't do any good to your skin either. Keeping your skin dry leads to oil production, which leads to breakouts. And heading outdoors without proper sun protection can damage your skin.

Remember to apply moisturizer depending on your skin type and never skip your sunscreen while moving out.

Are you eating foods that cause acne?

Our taste buds crave pakoras, samosa, mithais, and much more. However, they satisfy our taste palette but are incredibly unhealthy for our skin. Oily, fried food leads to breakouts & acne.

Avoid eating oily & fried food; switch to eating more fruits. Include green leafy vegetables in your diet. All these foods have the necessary vitamins that help repair your skin & keep it healthy.

When was the last visit to a salon for an Acne treatment?

A massage boosts the circulation of blood in your face. It removes the oil and dirt on your face and gives it a glow & shine. A face cleanup session helps you get rid of the built-up impurities & keeps the face clean.

Once in a while, depending on your skin condition, give your face a pampering session. Depending on your skin type, choose from the many facial options available. But remember not to be too aggressive or hard while you massage your face.

What is your nature of work?

Do you work in an environment that includes being inside or includes a lot of traveling and being outside? If your work involves a lot of stress? These things show up in your face. When you travel a lot, your skin is prone to accumulation of dust & pollution, leading to breakouts.

Remember to wash your face after returning home and wear a mask to protect your skin from dust. How much time do you give to your skincare? From washing your face twice daily to moisturizing it, regularly following a skincare regime. Do you follow this routine religiously? Are your products right as per your skin type & skin concern? These things maintain your skin health & the benefits of this are long-term.

Follow a skincare routine - the basic five steps, cleanse, exfoliate, tone, mask, and moisture. Follow this once a week, as this helps remove dirt & close the pores, helps get rid of dead skin, keeping it clean & healthy.

Keep your hands off your face. I know this is difficult, but you deposit dirt on your face every time you keep touching your face. And the accumulation of dirt and dust is a significant reason for pimple formation.

Make a conscious effort to keep your hands off your face. And remember always to touch your face with clean hands.

Visit a dermatologist. If you feel your breakouts & pimples have reached an extreme level. Even if these tips and tactics show no improvement, the best option is to consult a good dermatologist and follow the guidelines and treatment they share.

Remember to stick to the guidance of one professional derma, follow the routine religiously & have patience.

Did you know every 28 days, you have new skin that grows? Therefore, keeping your skin clean and working on it regularly is essential. Start with being regular & correcting your basics. This will clear your pores & keep your skin clean. And within a couple of weeks, you will feel the difference in how your skin looks & feels.

Follow these tricks & tactics, and do share what difference they made to your skin.

Loved the tips? Would you give it a try?

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