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The Best Beauty Salon In Bangalore.

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Upgrade your salon service to premium with Salon Nayana

Being the best is not a one-time activity, infact a continuous process depending on various factors.

We know how vital a salon service can be.

When you visit a salon, what you wish is to have a relaxing time with the best service at an affordable rate.

If you're in Bangalore, then we've got you covered.

Salon Nayana, Brigade Road, Bangalore, is where you should book your next salon service appointment.

Want to know why? We'll give you seven reasons.

Seven reasons why Salon Nayana is the best beauty salon in Bangalore.

The service Salon Nayana provides.

Salon Nayana has a variety of beauty services to choose from. From facials to manicures & pedicures to waxing. You name it & we have it. Not only are we varied in services, but for every service, we offer various categories & multiple options to choose from.

The quality of service is A & no compromise is made on the service provided. Everything is chosen from the quality of products, time, professionals, and tools - keeping in mind to upgrade the service experience.

Value for money.

Keeping in mind the quality of our service, the services are priced relatively on the affordable side.

The pricing is on par with the market rate.

We also have multiple categories based on products & time that fit every budget.

Packages are made to give you the best deals with maximum benefit.

Also, programs like referrals and festive combos give you complete value for money.

Our Team & staff at the salon.

We at Salon Nayana value people above anything else. We are proud of our staff & the Team we have built at our salon.

We believe they are the best in the industry.

Not only are they best at their work, skilled & professional but are friendly too.

They love to give you all the pampering & make sure you have an enjoyable experience here.

Strike a conversation with them or ask for any issue suggestions. They are all ears & more than happy to answer them all.

We hire the best beauticians keeping in mind their education, experience & skills.

They are professionally recruited that also fit with our salon principles.

Professionally trained not only for their work but also to acquire soft skills like communication, etiquette, etc.

Not only are they updated with the latest trends & happening in the industry, but they are also well-dressed, Hygenic & mannered.

They take regular training programs & education courses.

Customer-oriented is their priority.

They are trained to communicate well, Striking a balance between discussing what you demand & what is right for you.

Building good rapport with clients by listening heartedly.


Brigade road is the hub for all things fun at the heart of Bangalore city. So we had to be there too.

After your shopping session or just before partying with your friends, we are at your service for all your emergencies & plans.

Easily accessible by metro, bus, auto, and cabs.

The salon is situated on the main road.

Parking facility available.

Product used for the service.

To ensure our services are top class, the product we use is of A quality.

We use products that are branded & approved by the experts and meet all the health & hygiene criteria.

We stock products that are not only best for your skin & well-being.

Products are varied, keeping in mind that is suitable for every skin type.

Tools & equipment that we use for service is regularly updated.

Switching up the technology & machines as per the latest technology in the market.

Salon Ambiance.

We know the importance a place holds. As customers, when you visit our salon, taking a break from your household & work responsibilities, we want to make you feel at ease with our welcoming ambiance at the salon.

Soft music playing in the background to give you something to hum on.

Soft light is easy on the eyes & gives you a relaxing experience.

Clean & hygienic environment by deep cleaning every day.

Light soft colors with a vibrant touch of colors to make it look calm & well-decorated.

Customer-centric is our motto.

We thrive on providing you with complete satisfaction with our service. Every customer is special & unique. We believe in treating every client with utmost care & dedication.

Valuing & prioritizing every customer's needs & wants.

To make you delighted & satisfied before you leave the salon.

We aim to deliver more than promised.

To provide you with an unforgettable, easy, relaxing & hassle-free experience with our service & hospitality.

Not just about service but from greeting & welcoming to when you leave the salon to make you feel like your own space.

Focus on hearing you out about what they need & how best we can provide them.

The friendly vibe at the salon will surely make you feel at ease.

Hygiene & cleanliness.

The area is regularly cleaned after each service is provided.

The salon is tidily set up, with all things placed properly at the place.

The reception area, common area & all the rooms are clean & hygienic.

Bathrooms are clean & washed every day.

All tools are sterilized before use.

Use of disposal kits for most of our services.

Other linen items are used once & washed every day.

Deep cleaning of the salon is done on a regular basis.

Looking for the best experience for your beauty services?

Our motive at Salon Nayana, is to provide you with the best experience & value for your time, money & energy so that you keep coming back to us.

Book your appointment with us to experience A-level service for all your beauty needs.



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