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Nashi Argan Hair Therapy - Designed to enhance, nourish & smoothen: perfect for those in Bangalore.

Updated: Jun 5

The price of a nashi treatment at Salon Nayana is ₹2000 to ₹2500

The present time calls for stress, damage from hair straightening and curling, and hair treatments. Leaving the hair dull & lifeless. It not only weakens the hair but makes it so lifeless & difficult to manage the hair.

By now you would have tried all the formulas - from spa sessions, and treatments to home DIY to switching to a high-end hair care routine.

This would have worked at some level for sure.

But have you heard of the new talk of the town yet?

Nashi Argan Hair Therapy - The new hair filler therapy in town.

Nashi Argan is a 100% made-in-Italy brand that listens to your requests & meets your needs with passion and efficiency.

A complete journey of revitalizing your hair.

It reconstructs, stimulates, & restores the hair fibers. It restores your hair with an intensive restructuring treatment.

What is this therapy all about? Let's get to the details.

Moisture, Elasticity & Softness - is what we are talking about here.

What does Nashi Argan Hair Therapy do?

This filler therapy has many advantages. For beginners, it adds life to thin, lifeless hair giving it body and structure. It adds luster and shine to your dry, dull hair.

The mask has many minerals & hair protein and gives the hair the healthy food it deserves.

Therefore, when applied & left on hair, it penetrates the hair shaft, fills in the gaps, and works on hair damage & breakage. What you get after the session is a lot of shine, strength & super soft feels.

Your Nashi Argan Therapy Hair Filler Service at the salon!

This nashi filler therapy session begins with first cleansing the scalp with the clarifying shampoo pH+ that purifies the scalp & prepares it to receive the reconstruction.

This is followed by applying the long-lasting filler that reconstructs the structure of the hair from deep within & re-pulps the damaged fibers.

The last service - the lifting milk completes the treatment & leaves the hair soft, smooth, & disciplined.

Though after the first session, you will surely see a lot of difference in your hair. There's an instant result for sure. But, it's advised to opt-in for at least 3 sessions if you want to maintain the result. Come on, we all know that the damage is of many years & the result will take some time for sure. By the 3rd session, your hair would be 90 percent damage-free.

Your Nashi Argan Hair Therapy for the Salon!

The second session starts with the restorative shampoo. This prolongs the benefits of Nashi Filler Therapy from session one. After the shampoo session, it is followed by a restorative conditioner. This ensures the benefits of Nashi Filler Therapy constantly nourish your hair. The last step of this session is Lifting Express, which gives an immediate and visible boost of shine, elasticity & body. This session keeps the hair shiny and elastic.

Key Ingredients in Nashi Argon Oil?

The four major key ingredients at your rescue - that protect, keep it healthy & shiny.

Collagen - for the elasticity & strength

Stem cells - for rejuvenation (acts as antioxidants)

Keratin - for damage & stress control

Elastin - for hair elasticity & shape maintenance

Why is Nashi Argan Hair Therapy different?

Unlike your keratin treatment, this treatment doesn't include harsh chemicals that permanently break the hair's bond and alter the structure. In fact, it gives hair a quick boost. This is easy & can be done irrespective of any hair type - curly, straight, wavy, etc.

Here are some more reasons to try Nashi Argan Hair Therapy!

  • All the products from Nashi Argan are free from sodium chloride, sulfates, phosphates, or parabens.

  • Environmental friendly.

  • It smells wonderful.

  • Leaves your hair hydrated.

What's the price of a Nashi Argan Hair Therapy in Bangalore?

The price for one session of the fillers therapy will cost you around 2k -2.5k.

How long is Nashi Argan Hair Therapy Session?

The therapy session lasts for about 50 minutes to an hour.

The Nashi Filler Therapy for Home!

Extend the effects of this professional salon treatment at your home at your convenience at your fingertips.

After the salon sessions, it's time for maintenance. The best is to include the Nashi shampoo & conditioner in your routine.

The restorative shampoo makes sure that the benefits of the therapy continue & the benefits of the Nashi Filler Therapy are prolonged. The restorative conditioner keeps the hair healthy & reconstructive. The lifting mask gives immediate shine, discipline & body to the hair. Never making your hair look unkempt & frizzy.

Sure making you look to come out straight out of the salon.

Nashi Argan Hair Therapy at Home.

The hair care products are designed to offer a tailor-made experience for you, who put simplicity, care, and professional results first.

The five essential products that complete the hair routine are characterized by extreme versatility that will allow you to find the perfect match for your needs.

Nashi Argan Hair Therapy Filler Therapy Restorative Shampoo

It is specially designed to act on hair sensitized by repeated intensive treatments such as coloring or bleaching. And by the habitual use of hairdryers and straighteners damages the hair making it weak, dry & dull. Its formula enriched with collagen, elastin, and keratin regenerates the hair structure, giving the body elasticity and brightness.

Nashi Argan Hair Therapy Filler Therapy Restorative Conditioner

It is the most recommended detangler for undisciplined, dull hair. Whether your hair is colored or seeking nourishment. This is for it. It repairs, brightens, nourishes & protects your hair. The softness is long-lasting even after days of rinsing.

What are you waiting for?

Give your hair the indulgence it deserves.

Do you have 50 minutes for your hair?

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