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Your Complete Haircare Guide.

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

all the tips & tricks to have the best version of your hair

Hair care is a package. It doesn't work in isolation.

Just a spa treatment, oiling your hair, or getting a massage done occasionally and you think you would get the hair of your dreams?

Not really; haircare is a mix of effort & routine - both followed continuously & religiously.

So next time, if you wonder why your hair has not regained its luster and shine & why it is not looking like Actress Deepika Padukone's hair?

Here is the reason.

Because let me tell you one thing: hair care is not a one-time activity result. It is a continuous effort.

But if this line has got you thinking that it means tough, unfollowable, too much money, effort & energy work.

Then hold on to your thoughts and read this blog to find out the truth.

Yes, it takes effort & time. But it's simple, friendly & cost-effective & guaranteed to show you results.

Your hair care is divided into four parts -

  1. salon activities

  2. self-care activities

  3. food intake activities

  4. lifestyle activities

Let's dive deep into each part.

Salon Activities

Salon activities basically include three things - your haircut, hair spa, & hair therapy.

  • Haircut - we mean getting your hair trimmed every three months. Yes, there is a scientific reason behind it & it's not a scheme of salon owners to increase their haircut appointments.

WHY - this removes your unhealthy hair. The split end, uneven, dry, dull hair, thus making your hair look healthy too.

  • Hair Spa - our hair needs its proteins. And a hair spa is the best way to give our hair the required nutrients. Hair spa is followed by a massage & steam that makes sure the product penetrates deep into your hair.

WHY - It adds shine & life to dull, lifeless hair. Making it look smooth & fresh.

  • Hair Therapy - tackles the different kinds of issues the hair has on a deeper level. These hair treatments help reverse the damage caused to your chemically or color-treated hair.

WHY - helps repair the damaged hair & adds life to it.


  • These three activities are best performed at the salon.

  • The professionals there could help you with the best treatment that your hair requires.

  • Remember, hair cut, spa & therapy differs from person to person depending on the hair quality, length, structure, etc. So it's best to leave it in the hands of the professionals.

  • It is pocket friendly.

  • It shows instant results.

  • To maintain the result, it's advisable to keep a monthly salon ritual which means getting the service done often as per your hair needs.

Self-care Activities

Self-care activities basically include hair habits that one must follow & practice on a daily basis.

It can be categorized into three things - wash habit, afafter-wash habit & maintenance habit.

Hair wash habit

  • Never overwash your hair. The basic rule is, once if your hair is dry, twice if oily.

  • Shift to sulfate-free shampoos & conditioners.

  • Apply conditioner to your hair after the shampoo.

  • Use cold to mild-warm water to wash your hair.

  • Do not rub your hair when wet or when washing or applying products.

  • Remember to choose shampoos having less than a 5.5 pH level.

After wash habit

  • Dry your hair naturally.

  • Shift to a microfiber towel (or an old cotton t-shirt) to wrap your hair instead of a harsh cotton towel.

  • Avoid using heating appliances on your hair regularly. Let your hair breathe. If you can't completely stop, at least minimize the use.

  • Use a diffuser when blow-drying your hair.

  • Choose a good quality hairbrush to comb your hair and avoid combing wet hair.

Maintenance Habit

  • Do not overdo chemical treatments. If not required, please avoid it.

  • While sleeping, tie your hair in a high ponytail to prevent hair damage from detangling.

  • You can also try switching your cotton pillowcase with a silk or satin pillowcase.

  • Avoid places where there is dust, a lot of pollution, etc.

  • Use scarves or caps to cover your hair from extreme heat & pollution.

  • Avoid standing directly under the sun for an extended period. Wear hats if possible.


  • These are to be taken care of on an individual level.

  • No instant result, but in the long run, you will notice a positive change.

  • Self-care activities are steps to ensure you are not damaging your hair.

  • Easy to follow, to be incorporated into your daily habits & activities.

Food Intake Activities

You are what you eat, applies to your hair too. Your hair is what you eat. If you eat good food your hair shall shine, and be strong. If you eat junk, you will surely notice hair fall, & dull dry hair.

This care includes your diet. What you eat has a direct effect on your hair growth, its quality & health of the hair.

Food Habits

  • Have a rich diet daily, full of proteins, omega-3, fatty fish, etc.

  • Folic acid required for hair growth can be gotten from fresh citrus fruits & vegetables.

  • Include green leafy vegetables to your diet.

  • To keep your hair healthy include protein in your diet, which you'll get from daal, eggs, fish, etc.

  • Deficiencies in vitamin B12 & D can result in hair loss. Get your dose from meat, dairy products & cereals.

  • Improve your water-drinking habit. Have at least ten glasses throughout the day.

Lifestyle Activities

This includes the other overall activities you do in life, not directly related to your hair. But the impact is huge on your hair health.

Lifestyle shifts

  • Avoid taking unnecessary, excessive Stress. It weakens your hair follicles & hampers their growth.

  • A hot oil champi/ massage can do wonders. It works on the nerves of the head & improves blood flow.

  • Be patient with events like pregnancy, puberty, etc. Don't be too harsh on yourself.

  • You can also practice yoga asanas especially made for hair strength & growth.

  • Meditation also helps calm the mind, in turn, works on maintaining good hair health.

A hair care guide at home & a salon routine is all that your hair needs.

From salon visits to hair habits to food you eat. It's all covered here. A complete guide, a 360-degree view you can follow for your hair care.

We bet it will show you the results.

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