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Hair Colour Guide for the Woman In Bangalore.

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

ditch the ordinary and experiment with colours

Hair is one such thing that nobody wants to take a risk with; everyone is possessive about it & always scared of what if the result isn't as imagined.

That is why anything related to hair - haircut, colour, spa, treatment, etc. A person gives innumerable thoughts & a lot of discussion & research is put in before they take their first step.

If you are a first-timer or not, or you have questions in your mind related to hair colour. Here is where you shall find all your answers.

The list answers most of the questions & information one must know before one steps into the world of hair colour.

Read on to get all your answers

Before Colouring your Hair...

Should I do it myself or at a salon?

Colouring your hair should be done at the salon by a professional hand. (especially if it's your first time). A professional hairstylist will help you suggest the colour for your hair, best for your hair type & face.

At the salon, they will also get you done a strand test; they find out about allergic reactions, if any, from the products.

Reason - the damage done to hair is minimized as they are professionals. They know it better & more likely to achieve the desired result.

How much damage would colouring my hairdo?

Any chemical action done on hair does cause damage to it. But it can be minimized & taken care of; it depends on how with what & who is colouring your hair.

A permanent hair colour uses hydrogen peroxide that opens up the cuticle to let the colour penetrate the hair. If not done correctly, this could damage the hair.

Similarly, if you opt-in for semi-permanent or demi-permanent, the damage is more minor. It doesn't give you a long-lasting effect but lasts only a couple of shampoos.

Therefore, it does affect your hair a bit, but it can all be minimized & taken care of.

Should I get my haircut before colouring my hair?

Yes, it's always advisable to cut your hair before colouring it. The portion of your hair wouldn't have looked healthy & would weigh down the look of your coloured hair too.

Reason - it helps you get off the extra unhealthy split-end hair; it gives you a smooth finish look. It also saves your costs.

How do I choose my colour?

The best help you can get is from the hairstylist. They will guide you and suggest your best choice - as they would keep things in mind like your hair colour, type, length, structure, etc., face colour, structure, type, and the trend & what you wish for. Keeping all these things in mind, they would give you the best opinion.

Reason - They are professionals & well-versed in this topic. Still, they are also pros at colouring, done over many colour sessions.

What's the difference between permanent, demi-permanent & semi-permanent hair colour?

Permanent hair colour is long-lasting & stays until the coloured strands grow out. It can lighten the hair up to 4 levels.

Demi-Permanent hair colour can lighten the hair slightly. The colour is deposited between the cuticle & the cortex, making the colour last longer for about 12 to 24 washes.

Semi-Permanent hair colour makes the hair darker & not lighter. In this, the colour is deposited on the hair's outermost layer, making the colour last for about 6 to 12 washes.

Also, this does not contain peroxide, the damage is less & it provides shine & condition to the hair.

While Colouring your Hair...

Can I test-run the colour before finalizing it?

You should run a strand test to see if the colour suits your face or if you are allergic to it or not & for many other reasons.

Reason - every colour comes out differently when done on hair, depending on the hair colour, texture, etc. Therefore, to know how it will look on you, it's advisable to do a test like a strand test to see what you are committing to.

Does the length, texture & type of the hair matter?

Definitely, longer hair means it will need more product use. Thinner hair will require a lesser amount of product. Like thick hair takes more time to absorb colour, thin hair quickly absorbs colour.

Reason - length, texture, etc. all these things impact how long it takes to absorb the colour. Other things like your hair colour cost, how the colour will finally look on you, and how much care you have to take off your hair. - all these things are co-related to your hair type.

What other factors do matter while you colour your hair?

Your face type, face colour, lifestyle, amount of time you give to hair care, usage of heat tools, etc. All these factors do play an important role. These factors determine the stay of your hair colour, its health & longevity.

Reason - every face colour has a set of colours made for them. It's advisable to keep face colour in mind because the face-type colour does brighten the hair colour.

After Colouring your hair...

When should I first shampoo after getting my hair coloured?

After getting your hair coloured, wait for at least 2-3 days before shampooing your hair.

Reason - this will let your colour settle in.

How regular should I shampoo my coloured hair?

You should shampoo twice or a maximum of thrice a week.

Reason - this is said to let your hair colour stay longer & fade off quickly.

Do I have to use colour-specific shampoos?

It is advised to use shampoos that are specifically formulated for coloured hair. The hairstylist usually specifies the name & brand.

Reason - this will take care of your colored hair & makes it last longer.

What if I'm not happy with how my hair colour turned out?

Suppose you did not like how the colour turned out to be. You can use a clarifying shampoo to lighten the colour. And if you want to darken the colour, you can re-colour your hair with the same colour.

The best is to visit the salon & ask the hairstylist to do it.

What's the best time to re-colour my hair?

There's no such thing as the best time; it all depends on your hair & its health. If your current hair colour is still there, it's better to wait until the colour grows out.

If your hair is damaged or in bad condition, wait till your hair gets a bit healthy or reduced damage.

Other FAQs...

Is it advisable to colour your hair during pregnancy?

It's not advisable to colour your hair while you are pregnant. You may opt-in for highlight or just on the lower/ down if you still wish to. avoiding the scalp

Reason - As these colors contain harmful ingredients like ammonia, etc., it's not safe for the women & babys' health.

What if I want to colour my hair at home?

There is no stopping you from colouring your hair at home. But the kind of result one gets at a salon is not usually achievable at home. Also, at the salon, you are getting the service done by the professionals who are pros at this & also the products that they use at times are available only at salons.

How much does hair colouring cost in Bangalore?

The cost depends on the salon you get it done, the length of your hair & the kind of products you use. Hair colouring can cost anywhere between 4k - 9k. The longer the hair, thicken the hair, the amount it increases.

Can I opt-in for hair colour & highlights on the same day?

Yes, you can choose both the services on the same day, provided your hair is in good condition.

What's the process for fashion colours like pink or blue? Is the process the same?

These bright colours have a different process. It's double the work. First, the hair needs to be bleached to tone your hair to a light shade, then; then secondly, the fashion color is applied. This means two times the work, the damage, and the amount.

Also, this fades faster & also demands high maintenance.

The side effect of hair colour?

Any treatment to hair does give it a bit of damage. Hair colour weakens the hair and can cause hair breakage. This leads to hair fall. It makes the hair dull & removes the moisture from the hair.

Things to keep in mind?

Avoid the pool for at least two weeks to the chlorine doesn't stripe off-colour.

Colour our hair on freshly washed hair at least within a day as clean hair locks the colour better.

What are colour options for grey hair?

Hair colour does cover the grey hair. You can opt for permanent hair colour if you have a lot of grey hair.

Hair colour affects the look, mood, confidence, & more of a person. The right colour done right can be the best gift that one would want. And similarly, achieving it needs a good product, better post-colour hair maintenance & the best professional hairstylist.

When all these three things fit in together, your dream colour is quite achievable.

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