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Priya Reviews Her Waxing Experience at Salon Nayana


Priya answers the questions you are dying to ask

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Let me ask you a question first. Has it happened to you? You're at home and your best friend calls you up and says she's got a promotion at work! She wants to celebrate it with you and the gang at the bar tonight. And before you hang up, you both decide to wear that LBD you both were saving for a special occasion. You couldn't be happier or more excited for her. But as you reach out to take your short, sleeveless dress, you notice hair on your hands. Then you see your legs and realize there's hair all over your body and you haven't waxed this month! You know how it feels, right?

If so, then girl, you and I are on the same page.

You know what happened next? After much fretting, I thought why not leave an hour early, get my waxing done at the Salon nearby and then join my friends at the bar.

As I Googled, to look for the salon closest to the bar on Brigade Road, I was suggested Salon Nayana. Though I had never visited the salon before, I thought of giving it a try after seeing its Google review & rating. 

So here I'm sharing some great info on waxing and my experience at Salon Nayana. Let's start with the basics.


All About Waxing

When we think about how frequently we wax, the joy of finding a really skilled beautician who does the job super clean and neat without causing pain, can be priceless. So here's a snippet of a first-hand experience of a woman (me) at Salon Nayana getting her waxing done. I go into everything from pre-thoughts to post-waxing care one must follow for the best waxing experience. 

What is Waxing?

We girls must ideally know what waxing is. But in brief, it involves the removal of unwanted hair from the body by first spreading a thin layer of warm wax (a sticky substance) using either a spatula or roller over the top of the skin, covering the hair. Next, a strip of cloth is placed over it and pulled off, removing the hair from the root.

This process helps wax almost any part of the body, from your eyebrows, face, pubic hair, and legs, to your arms, back, abdomen, knuckles, and feet.

So I entered Salon Nayana, and within five minutes a really friendly beautician started with her work. 

I told her that I'm in a hurry and I want the service to be done as quickly as possible!

She smilingly told me, "Sure I'll provide a quick service, but let me just tell you that you are not wax ready". Quite confused, I asked, "How can I be wax ready?"

She then went onto give me a few tips I could follow every time before my waxing session.


How can I prepare my skin before waxing?

  • A day before the wax, she wanted me to gently exfoliate with a mild scrub, saying it would help remove dead skin cells from the hair follicles and loosen ingrown hair.

  • She asked me to come in with cleaned skin each time. As in to wash my skin before the wax session so as to remove any sweat, dirt, oil etc.

  • She reminded me not to keep my skin moisturized or oiled and also to keep it dry, pointing out that the wax wouldn't stick to my body properly otherwise and pulling it out will become tough. 

I thanked her for these tips! Although they should seem obvious, it wasn't something I practiced.

She then threw another question at me: "Do you know when not to wax?" I asked, "When you are at home and you have nowhere to go?".


She then shared the following with me.

When should I NOT Wax?

She gave me a few hygiene tips and some extras that I could follow.

Basically, avoid waxing if:

- You have just been exposed to the sun for a long time recently or have sunburn.

- Your skin is already inflamed, irritated, red, or cut.

- You have recently undergone laser skin treatments or any cosmetic procedures.

- You are under any skin medications, or use peels, acids, etc.

- You are having your period.

After hearing this, I casually added that I only wax when there is a special occasion, and usually a special occasion is known before hand.

As she heard this, she said that she hears this a lot, but it's not the right practice to follow and waxing is more than just hair removal. There's a lot more to it she added.

She explained that waxing is one of the most common and popular beauty treatments girls regularly visit salons for. And that as Indian girls, in context to our skin color and speed of hair growth, waxing is a salon service that requires regular visits to the salon. It is said in India that an average woman waxes once in every 2 months.


The reason for the frequent waxing session is a) the skin tone of Indian women, which makes the grown hair look more prominent. b) the weather here, dominated by monsoon and summer, gives women more chances to wear short and sleeveless dresses, therefore making waxing a pre-requisite to get rid of the hair from the body. 

Why Wax?

Before my experience at Salon Nayana, my only need to wax was obviously for hygiene reasons and maybe if I had an important occasion coming up. (Please tell me you thought that too!)

But after the visit to Salon Nayana, I understood a lot of other reasons why one should wax regularly. Here are some of them:

  • The best known benefit of waxing is that the hair doesn't grow back very quickly as it lasts longer. With waxing you can be hair free for as long as six weeks.

  • The after wax feel - the smooth, radiant, clean & fresh area surely does lifts up your mood.

  • Waxing gives you an opportunity for me-time and to pamper yourself, to feel good and build confidence.

  • Waxing is quick; it takes very little time to complete the work.

  • Waxing works as an exfoliation too, removing dirt and dead cell skins from the body.

  • Waxing helps you avoid shaving cuts, itchiness, rashes, etc.

  • Waxing is a safer option to use to remove body hair than most alternatives.

  • As you get in the habit of waxing, after regular sessions as time goes by, you'll notice less and finer regrowth of hair as it removes hair from the roots.

honey waxin.png

What are the different types of wax/waxing available?

At Salon Nayana, I was offered 3 kinds of waxing. You can select from different flavors of wax available


The types include:

Regular Honey Wax: opt for this when the hair growth is not quite a lot and though you're not ready for the next waxing session, you have some special occasion to attend. This helps get rid of the extra hair. Also, one can use this for regular monthly sessions, when you just want to keep the body clean and remove the extra hair from your body.

Rica Wax: this is kind of a luxury splurge and you can choose this when you want to pamper your skin a bit extra. This waxing comes in different flavors. You can go for chocolate if you are looking for tan removal as well, on days when you feel your skin is feeling sensitive and kind of burnt, or you can opt for aloe vera flavor, as it helps soothe the skin.

Stripless Wax: this is specially used for sensitive body parts like for your upper lips, chin, sides of the face, bikini, etc. This is the go to option for all the sensitive areas of your body. It does the work while minimizing the pain factor.

For an in depth explanation of Bikini Waxing Click Here

What are the waxing practices followed by Salon Nayana?

There is usually a standard step-by-step process followed for waxing, and it may differ in kind or way of doing from salon to salon. But the idea behind it is the same.


Here is how it's done at Salon Nayana.

- All waxing sessions start off with first cleaning the area that needs to be waxed (either water is sprayed or wet wipes are used). After this, the beautician applies talcum powder on the area.

- Secondly, the waxing temperature is tested. The beautician applies a small patch to your body to check with you if the temperature is fine with you and whether she can proceed.

- Thirdly, the wax is applied in the direction of hair growth and pulled in the opposite direction while holding the skin with one hand.

- In the end, the waxed area is cleaned with a wet towel and a cooling product/lotion is applied that helps soothe the skin.

What about after wax care?

We girls know how priceless that feeling after a waxing session can be! The feel of some baggage loss (for good), the softness, and the thrill. After my waxing service at Salon Nayana, I felt this all over again. But I had to rush off, and while I was getting ready to go, the beautician shared a few tips with me as a post wax care guide. 

She said I could follow this routine to ease the burn after waxing and also to make sure that hair growth is slowed down.

Though the area is cleaned well during the waxing, if I wanted to, I could still go home and take a cold water shower to feel relaxed and apply an aftercare product at home to avoid any bacterial infection or redness in the body.

After 24 hours, she said I could exfoliate again, as it would help prevent ingrown hair and keep the skin smooth.

If you get minor burns while waxing, you can cool it with cold water for a few minutes and apply a cooling product on the burnt area.

How much does waxing cost?

I thanked my beautician and moved towards the reception area to make my payment. While she was preparing my bill, I glanced through their brochure.


The average price of waxing in India for full hand & legs ranges between Rs.700-3000, depending upon the flavor or type one chooses.

Salon Nayana offers three different price ranges to choose from, to cater to all budgets and needs.

You will find the range balanced between Rs. 150 for regular underarms waxing to a full body strip-less waxing experience for Rs.6000.

Regardless of your choice of which body part to be waxed, they guarantee you'll get full value for your time, money and trust.

If you are looking for a new, professional experience, based on my super encounter, from one customer to another customer, I'll suggest you to book your next waxing appointment with Salon Nayana, and experience their world-class waxing service.

If you have any questions regarding waxing feel free to call Margret or James on +91 80 4150 7253

Click her to find all our Beauty Services prices 

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