New Year, New Me!
The Hair Styles that are trending in India for 202

A new haircut brings with it another level of confidence that we all can relate to, right?
Leaving the salon after the haircut feels like you had entered the salon and had a significant life transformation.
Therefore, a new haircut has a lot of miraculous effects. Hence, it's not wrong to say if nothing goes right, just go to your hairstylist and get a haircut done.

Now we all know it's 2022, the New Year, and doing something that sets in is some kind of an unwritten rule which everyone follows for some reason not known to anyone. But we aren't complaining, right? We all want to try out a new version of ourselves, and what better way to begin than the New Year and what better way to try than to get a new haircut - a makeover for your hair.

So here, Team Salon Nayana has done their homework well and curated an excellent list of haircuts that are surely going to turn heads

BTW, let us warn you, 2022 is not for the faint-hearted! Adventure, experiment, change, bold are the keywords to look out for this year.

7 Haircuts that will take over 2022 :


A classic bob has stood the test of time, & is here to stay. Within bobs, one can choose from the many different styles & kinds it has to offer. But the key focus this year is the length to look out for - till the collarbone. Also, giving it soft layers rather than just a straight blunt finish. This gives one a very chic feel. To play around with the haircut, add shorter fringes and keep it natural to maintain the bounce. One can also play around with volume, length, & shape. ​

The curtain bang fringe

curtain bang.jpg

The curtain bang fringe is perfect for people who are scared to experiment with the short fringes. This is your time to play safe + pick on the trend. This not only maintains your length, but as the hair grows, it just blends in, adding a nice natural flow to your hair. Bang fringe not only gives shape as it grows long towards the front sides but also adds volume.​​

Go all long & natural


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These past year has taught us all to love ourselves. Therefore, let's go all natural with our hair too. Embrace your hair, whatever texture it may be, whatever type, whatever color, embrace it all & flaunt it. 2022 is all about being comfortable with your natural hair & flaunting it confidently. We also help you love your sleek, long, effortless hair with natural.​

Layered Hair

layered hair.jpg

This year it's all about the layers. Get yourself as many layers as you can. Trust me, whether your hair is short or long, layers can never go wrong. A layered haircut is excellent for framing the face, adds the right volume & moment too to your hair.​

Curly Fringe Cut


For all those curly house girls right there who thought fringes were not your cup of tea. Then let me tell you, 2022 is your year, and it has finally granted your forever wish. It is fresh, new & here to stay. Finally, you have the chance to experiment with your natural hair & not always be on the lookout to get it straight. The fringe will give you a fresh, light, soft & effortless look for sure. And guess what, this is all-natural without causing any damage to your hair.​​

The Bixie


Are you in the mood to try out 2 haircuts at a go? We hear you, bold women. The bixie is just the perfect option. Remember, this is not for the faint heart, though. As the name indicates - this is a mixture of bob & a pixie cut. It is more textured than the bob but not as cropped as a pixie. This means it gives you more of a fun-free & messy-free look. But remember, it does make your hair short, which means less maintenance, but to maintain the length, one can frequently visit the salon.​


Knotless box braid

knotless braid.jpg

Yes, you heard us right. Though this has been popular on the African front. This haircut has made its way to the 2022 trend. Knotless box braid means intricate partings & patterns in different sizes & colors. This looks cool and full of life, giving one chance to play around with it & experiment.

The classic bob -

Less is more & natural at its best. Let these two phrases be your mantra for 2022. And what else? Just remember your hair is your crown; you are beautiful!

Tell us which is your favourite haircut & which of the seven cuts will you try out this year?