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Looking for the best value at a salon in Bangalore for your hard-earned money

Who doesn't like to receive more return of value than the money they invested right? Something nice & extra always!

Salon Nayana keeps a strong focus on the value it creates for its client. We try to add greater value in return than the value you have invested, by value we just not mean money, but also time, effort, trust, choice.

We know that the money values for you, and for us providing service & satisfaction that exceeds your money value is always the priority.

Also, we understand that comparing is every person's right, and for sure you may find a few salon having lower rates & few salons having higher rates.

But don't get influenced just by the rate card, as for every salon, the rate differentiation indicates the quality of the service, products used, employees hired, etc. Therefore, rates are put up keeping in mind all the factors and providing you the best in all segments.

Everyone has a budget that one has to stick on to, keeping that in mind we have different packages with different categories & brand options that caters to and fits different budget segments. We bring in the balance where you feel that what you paid is worth it. We are not cheap or expensive we are reasonable

Here is some of the additional value we give for your money


The Team that we have -

This is easily our Strongest Asset, our team is full of men and women who have humble beginnings with an extremely aspirational personality of wanting to grow to be better human beings. We focus on you, ensuring that you get the services that suit you with the quality that you expect. We will take all the time we need to take to make sure it is as perfect as you want it to be.  Our team also loves kids so bring them along, they seems to bring life into the salon whenever they are around. 

Salon Ambiance and Experience

Our Salon is based on Brigade Road in Ashok Nagar which makes it very easy to get to. We are trying to make our salon feel like home for you, we love our plants but take it on ourselves to see the plants grow as we do. (Sadly some did not make it through the lockdown). Since we said home, yes it means you can bring your kids and family to the salon we will find a way to keep them entertained while you get your service

The hygiene & cleanliness 

With Covid, this is given hygiene and cleanliness are a necessity. Through the lockdown time till today, we continuously look at improving our hygiene and cleanliness procedures to ensure that you are safe. Our salon, tools and are disinfected whilst our staff where all protective gear for your safety


Our tools and products

We are a little biased on this as we are trying to support Indian companies as we believe that during such a time we should support each other. Saying this we ensure that the products we used are tried and tested many times on our own hair and skin to be sure it meets our standards. We are continuously talking with suppliers to ensure that we have the most up to date products whilst maintaining a healthy level of skepticism of all the promises

No Hidden Costs or Charges 

We are transparent with our pricing from the beginning and our motto is to always give you the best value. 

Add on complimentary service for a few specific category services

A Smile 

A smile so easy to do but so extremely powerful, one smile can set a butterfly effect to change the whole world slowly. We will be aiming to give you as many smiles as possible. Although please excuse some of our younger team who may get overwhelmed and shy but we will work to get them there 

For every penny spent we make sure you get the same benefit or even more.

So next time if you are looking to visit a salon, just walk into Salon Nayana, without any money (we mean it) get yourself a FREE CONSULTATION, cos we know what your hair and skin means to you.

As for us we believe in taking care of the client, and the client will take care of us.

Our Prices

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