Customizing a Beauty Treatment deal just for you

You are special as are our skin care needs

Isn’t it annoying sometimes that salons, restaurants and retail shops have deals that do not meet your needs. The whole time you are being forced to take up a package that includes items that does not meet you needs, and its usually driven to promote a product that is not selling well in the store. So meaning it does designed for your needs but  based on what the store wants to promote.

 The offer might be a facial with a face threading, but you may want to combine a facial with a Detan of the face and neck. They may have a special offer for rica wax leg wax with a threading but what you really needs is to get a full body wax with a pedicure and threading.  Leaving you with a feeling of losing out even though you want to get more services from the salon, leaving everyone less happy.


So at Salon Nayana, we let our customers decide on the package they want, we work together with you to design an individual package for the visit that meets your needs and price so that you and our team can both feel fulfilled. 


We know there are cheaper salons around in Bangalore, we however are not trying to be the cheapest. We at Salon Nayana are trying to offer you the most value from your hard earned money. We do not have a time limit for our service, rather it is to take us much time as we need to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the service, be it a waxing, threading, facial, pedicure, manicure or a Brazilian, you are unique, sometimes you need an extra bit of attention to get it just perfect, so you get the treatments that you deserve.


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