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Customized Deals That Meet Your Needs

You are special just as your skin care needs

Isn't it annoying sometimes that salons, restaurants, and retail shops have deals that do not meet your needs?

You need to choose a package that includes items that do not meet your needs, and it's usually driven to promote a product that is not selling well in the store. This means it's not designed to suit your needs but to promote what the store wants to sell.


The offer might be a facial with face threading, but you may want to combine a facial with a detan of the face and neck.

They may have a special offer for Rica leg wax with threading, but you want to get a full-body wax with a pedicure and threading.


They leave you with a feeling of losing out on what you want at that moment and picking up options that they want you to take - leaving you sad & disappointed.

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You just tell us what services you want and we will make you a customized deal

So at Salon Nayana, we let our customers decide on the package they want, we work together with you to design an individual package for your visit that meets your needs and budget, so you and our team can both feel fulfilled. Because we know "No one size fits all."


We know there are cheaper salons in Bangalore, but we are not trying to be the cheapest. We at Salon Nayana are trying to offer you the maximum value for your hard-earned money & time.


We don't treat our customers like cattle and try to move them in and out as soon as possible.


 Instead, we take much time as we need to ensure that you are delighted with the service, be it waxing, threading, facial, pedicure, manicure, or a Brazilian.

You are unique, special and sometimes what works for everyone does not work for you.

 Sometimes you need an extra bit of attention to get it just perfect, so you get the treatment that you deserve.

to make a special deal for yourself

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The Joys of being able to make your own package is just too good to resist

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Check our prices and make a deal

We at salon Nayana have taken a lot of initiative to build quality content for our customers and others in Bangalore.

We aimed to be as unbiased in our views to ensure you our customers have the right information about all things hair, beauty, skincare, salon treatments.

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