For someone who has had a busy day at work or a tiring day doing the daily household chores, or has had to babysit the whole day, isn’t hearing
“Your salon appointment for the evening is confirmed” like honey to your ears?

Salon Standard and Ambience Set at Salon Nayana

Definitely when you visit us, you're looking for a particular service. But with that what you crave for is a pleasant ambience, a relaxing & soothing environment and of course a service that leaves you rejuvenated and ready for your next day routine.

Therefore we at Salon Nayana have given much importance to the look & feel of the surroundings, the smell & sound, and the vibe. Basically, it’s all about igniting your 5 senses and what is the point of a salon session if you don't leave the salon more relaxed - mind, body & soul.

And to provide you with the right blend of service, safety and atmosphere, here are a few things we practice strictly and regularly at Salon Nayana

We treat our clients with utmost care and always prioritize their needs. Our staff are soft spoken, kind and gentle at their work. They are trained to be good listeners and are good communicators. Providing good company but also knowing when to give you space to enjoy some quiet relaxation time. 

The service room is designed keeping in mind the 5 senses of the body. The color is soft to soothe the eye, with soft music playing in the background and a soft aroma filling the salon space. The setting is spacious with no place for clutter around.

Regular cleaning of the salon - surface, desks, etc. Sterilizing the equipment used. Using 1 time disposal items. Instant area cleaning after completion of a service are few of the practices that we follow

So come visit us at Salon Nayana! Come by to meet our team or just come by to say hi. We will welcome you with all our heart, and also bring your children/friend along, because we love company and our staff loves kids!

We are sure that you will definitely have a memorable time at our salon as we always strive to provide you with services and an experience that matches your needs!