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Have doubts if you are in expert hands or not and if your haircut will turn out how you imagined?

We at Salon Nayana, Bangalore know how a haircut can make or break a look completely.


The effort it takes to grow your hair and the excitement just before the haircut is what you and I can relate to. And the fear of “what if it goes wrong” is definitely a nightmare.

And tell me who hasn't locked themselves in the washroom and cried their heart out when their haircut went wrong and not as they desired! We know the excitement of the new look as well as the fear of not getting it right, are both real.

That is why we at Salon Nayana take our job of cutting and styling hair very seriously!

To provide "the best haircut" is our motto.

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Also, along with this, at Salon Nayana we provide our Hairdressers with continuous training programs to keep them updated with the latest trends and happenings in the Hairdressing & Beauty Industry.

Thereafter, they’ll discuss the final outcome of the haircut with you, keeping in mind other factors such as your face shape, hair type, maintenance needed, and so on.

And we guarantee that this free private consultation session will definitely be worth your time and effort.

So what are you waiting for? Book your free hair consultation with one of our expert, at Salon Nayana, located at the heart of Bangalore City and enjoy the process plus the outcome you desire.

To keep your doubts at bay and so can you enjoy a worry-free experience each time, we follow a defined series of steps as part of our haircut process, which includes: 

  1. Our hairdressers are expert listeners: they are all ears when you speak with them and share your thoughts on the haircut or hairstyle you want.

  2. Customized cuts and styles: as per your suggestions and their expertise, our professionals will find the perfect blend of a haircut or style that will perfectly suit your face, personality, and hair type.

  3. Haircut and style demo: our team are pros when demonstrating a particular haircut or style on you, using folds and pin ups so you can get a clear idea about the look and the final outcome before you commit.

Our Prices

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